Beware of counterfeit products! 

Photo supplied. 

By Nkuriso Maluleke

Johannesburg- Since the growing number of seized counterfeit products continues to be a daily topic in the country- ordinary South Africans vow to take to the streets of their respective communities to force the government to act as soon as yesterday.

Recently, the public took to the social media pages lamenting the fact that Somalians, Pakistanis, Ethiopians and Bangladeshis foreign nationals, who own tuck shops in different communities, should have their shops closed down pending further investigations on the products they sell to ordinary South Africans.

The shocking discovery of fake factories manufacturing from alcohol, food parcels, and water amongst other things are causing sleepless nights to poor South Africans who are failing to get help from the government.

Limpopo Police say, there’s no counterfeit products seized recently in the province.

Meanwhile, some residents of Phalaborwa and Giyani took to social media, to warn that black communities should stop buying food products from the so-called ‘My friend’ Spaza shops that have mushroomed in every street corner, as their main aim is to allegedly kill black South Africans.