The ‘reign of terror’ characterised with house breaking continues unabated around Giyani communities…

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By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- Last week, Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC),  released a statement condemning the rampant ongoing and growing number of house break-ins with the intention to steal and theft in Giyani town and its surrounding villages.

On Saturday night, a significant number of houses were broken down into at Bambeni village, Ka-Dzumeri area just outside Giyani town.

According to our reliable source, Plasma TVs, cell phones and money were stolen in between 01am and 3am on Sunday morning.

“Communities met on Sunday afternoon to look at ways to defend themselves against the ongoing house breaking crime”, says our source.

Meanwhile, on Sunday night 05 August 2018 different houses at Sekhunyane Village a few kilometres away from Bambeni village were broken down, before the same criminal gang running riot in the communities returned to the same village on Tuesday 7th August.

According to GLC, these criminals are terrorising these communities target items such as Plasma TVs, laptops, Cell phones, guns, money and other portable devices.
GLC General Secretary, Thembani said the communities of Greater Giyani Municipality and within its immediate vicinity are under siege, and continue to live under serious threat because of these criminals.

“This is an organised clique of Zimbabwean gangsters who are illegal Immigrants terrorising our communities at night.

“These thugs are heavily armed with an assortment of guns and are very dangerous. Criminals use chemicals that will easily make their targets fall asleep like they’ve capitulated. You will then only notice that disaster has struck early in the morning.

“They target about 20 households in an area per night. We have been told that the Kremetart, Nhlaniki, Dingamazi, Shimange, Ngobe, Siyandhani and Ndhengeza communities have experienced this organised crime in the last three weeks.

“Our families are no longer safe in our own houses. We strongly encourage neighbours to form street committees that will monitor the movements around their area.

“All community members must affiliate to a Sector Policing Community Policing Forum. We strongly encourage residents to advise our Youth into taking part in this activity aimed at preventing crime.

“Call SAPS on 086 00 10111 or Nearest police Station”, concluded Chabane.