Giyani View Newspaper apologize to Judge Makhubele 

Photo supplied. 

By Deputy Editor: Owen Mafukele

We would like to take this conspicuous opportune moment to humbly and sincerely apologise to the incumbent Judge Tintswalo Nana Makhubele for the article published on the 31st of July 2018.

Gandlanani – Khani village born judge for High Court, an article that was fraught with baseless allegations made by the reporter (Angie Nkuna) that Judge Makhubele presided over a case she should haven’t due to the conflict of interest in relation to her  younger sibling Ponani Petunia Makhubele, who was then reported to be in contestation and vying to become an additional member of the ANC Limpopo PEC.

Giyani View has somewhat mislead the public by insinuating that Mrs Ponani Pertunia Makhubele was contesting for ANC Limpopo PEC additional member position, whereas in actual fact, Mrs Makhubele was only nominated by branches, but not contesting for PEC additional member position as it was reported in the newspaper.

A bigger chunk of the article was based and quoted GLC’s statement verbatim which then left us exposed, and laid bare our failure to clarify some of the points put forward from the concerned individuals.

(a) She is a former Board Chairperson of PRASA wherein she had direct interests in the awarding of Swifambo Logistics a company that procured locomotive trains to PRASA a tender that created problems to the former CEO Lucky Montana”- Again Giyani View would like to unreservedly withdraw the above quote made by Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) since it was found to be misleading and for failing to afford judge Tintswalo Nana Makhubele a right of reply.

We sincerely apologise for what seem like a fabrication of one’s imagination coming from the statement that the article was based upon.