A little “spirit” girl cause nightmare at Gandlanani- khani village

The little girl who claims to be Nsuku Chauke.  Photo supplied.  

By: Angie Nkuna

Giyani- A little girl who is allegedly terrorising villages in Giyani and Malamulele, took Gandlanani- khani village just outside Giyani town by surprise!

The little girl claiming to be Nsuku Chauke, who appears to come from no where has caused sleepless nights until today in the village and neighbourhood villages.

According to our source the little girl has been taken to the village headman at about 19h00 on Saturday night. As the drama unfolds, at least a few members of the community were gathered together with residents from neighbouring village Mashavele, and amongst them was the councilor who took full responsibility of maintaining public order management to secure the life of the destitute girl.

The only Informer in town has been reliably informed that the neighbouring village, Nhlaniki village has also experienced a goat well dressed like a human being on the same Saturday when the little girl who appears to be 15 years old rocked Gandlanani-khani village.

One of the police officers who arrived at the scene claims that when he joined Giyani SAPS recently, the little girl was in existence and roaming around the station.

“I never knew her and we met while I was walking down the cells, I asked her what she was looking for, and she said ‘mom’ that was her response.

“I went back to the charge office and still found her there, I then asked my colleagues, then I got the real sad story about her”, claims the officer.

In the video clip sent to Giyani View, the little girl has been interrogated by members of the community and she claims to have been put under a spell by her grandmother who appears to be practicing witchcraft.

“This little girl can mention any village that comes to her mind at any given time, 14B,  Mapapila village amongst others.

“She claimed to be looking for accommodation at night and luckily she wasn’t offered, but neighbours called each other out and tried to interrogate her.

“When police arrived, they appeared to be very much familiar with her and she looked at them calmly and smiled. Police have indicated that she never discloses where exactly she is from, in order to help unite her with family. In the past, she mentioned few villages purported to be where she is from, but having been taken there before, no one took responsibility and acknowledge to know her including at Mapuve, 14A or B, and Mapapila villages to mention but a few”, concludes our source.

It’s believed that the little girl changes into a giant snake at night. Other sources claim that every time people offer to help her, she disappears and vanish into thin air.

Police say they once had her at the police station. Some officers even offered to take good care of her and acted so kindly towards her, buying food and clothes for her, but after some time she would disappear into obscurity and later come back,’ concludes the member of SAPS.