The so- called Plasma TV Syndicate suspects, one bites the dust!

One of Four suspects was caught in Mnghonghoma village and the angry mob allegedly killed him instantly, burning the vehicle beyond recognition. Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- The alleged organised clique of Zimbabwean gangsters who are illegal Immigrants terrorising Giyani communities at night, one suspect has allegedly been killed, and one  nabbed in Mnghonghoma village, ka- Dzumeri outside Giyani town.

According to our source, the suspects had left their vehicle in Mnghonghoma village and walked to Loloka village a few kilometres away from where their vehicle was parked when some of the community members suspected the unknown four men, and immediately followed them.

“The suspects, after learning that the community members are following them, they ran for their lives. One suspect was caught at Mnghonghoma village and the angry mob killed him instantly, burning the vehicle beyond recognition and the other one was rescued by police after he was attacked by the mob.

“Meanwhile, the other two suspects disappeared into the nearby bushes and are still at large. Police had informed Mageva and Bambeni village community members to be on the lookout for the two unaccounted for suspects, after one of the two suspects was later spotted wearing a blue jacket between Mageva and Bambeni nearby bushes”, alleged our source.

Another source from Bambeni village claims that the loosed suspect who was then reported to be wearing a blue jacket took off the jacket after realising that members of the communities are after him.

“We saw an unknown man who was running without wearing a shirt, and later we realised that the man was the suspect we were after him and unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen”,  concludes our source.

A week ago, Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC),  released a statement condemning the rampant ongoing and growing number of house break-ins with the intention to steal and theft in Giyani town and its surrounding villages.

Giyani View understands that these suspects were also terrorising Bungeni area. Villages such as Nkuzana, Njhakanjhaka, N’wamatatani, and Majosi too were victimised by this gang.

Limpopo Police Spokesperson, L.T. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe at the time Giyani View contacted him, said the operation is still unfolding.

According to reports, the criminals terrorising these communities  target items such as Plasma TVs, laptops, Cell phones, guns, money and other portable devices.

The thugs with their unscrupulous criminal elements normally break into different households in between 01:00 and 03:30AM during the wee hours of the morning. Alleged General Secretary of GLC,  Thembani Chabane.