Don’t be scared of bullies who are threatened by the talent… #FillUpGiyaniStadium 

‘President’ Mayengani has #FillUpGiyaniStadium.  Image by Vulani Baloyi.  

By Owen Mafukele

Johannesburg- There’s never a dull moment in these twitter streets, and for those of us who have made it a hobby hanging out here…

We are always at the forefront of it all, and at liberty to learn about the latest developments and invariably witnesses twars and threats that then bulge into full blown scuffles.

Those who are daring enough to easily take it out from these corridors and manifestly show who will present the best legal mind in pursuits of their lawsuits.

Talk of bruised egos. Is not a laughing matter. Casualties are always there in these kind of fracas. The three count rule is not applicable here. Those who survive are mostly those who are financially pregnant.

Perhaps I should first seek consent to use the concept ‘#Fill UP’, or I might soon find myself being served with legal documents, and be accused of the misappropriation of the concept without Casper Nyovest’s approval.

Benny Mayengani has touched Casper Nyovest in his studio, the lad who became famous and made his fortune by shouting Doc Shebeleza on stage.

The gloves are off, and one can say that with conviction following the message sent out in support of Benny Mayengani directed to Casper Nyovest by the CIC of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Sello Malema.

“We will defend you chief @BennyMayengani, don’t be scared of bullies who are threatened by talent. We have the best in town, let them bring it on. #FillUpGiyaniStadium”.

Did Casper Nyovest pick a battle that might prove too difficult for him to triumph… I don’t know, but one thing for certain, the EFF has never chosen a battle that they aren’t too sure of coming out victorious.

Let me get settled, and be well ensconced in the front seat as I stock up in my Pop Corns. Nothing ever beats the feeling of being on the edge of the seat, especially when one occupies the front seat.