Collins Chabane Municipality in Malamulele is brought to a standstill

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Malamulele township.  Image supplied.

By Owen Mafukele

Malamulele- Collins Chabane Municipality dwellers and those who reside within its surrounding areas woke up to be confronted by rubles and barricades blockading entry points to Collins Chabane Municipality.

Giyani View has been informed that communities of Malamulele town, where Collins Chabane Municipality headquarters are based,  are not happy with the service delivery coming from the municipality since it was established.

Although it has come to Giyani View’s attention that nepotism is the business order of the day in the municipality.

The reasons to this shutdown are more political than anything else.

“A shutdown now while children are busy preparing to write their exams could only do more harm than good”. a parent quipped.

While we are still at it, an audio clip that Giyani View is in possession of, a male official, Duncan Mashila was recorded speaking to his fellow comrade on a telephone conversation about how easy it is for one to become an instant overnight millionaire when they play their cards right.

In the absence of facts that are  forthcoming, we are allowed to speculate.

A facebook posts on Duncan Mashila’s account read;

“Duncan Mashila thinks he can become a Municipal Manager through Jerry’s  intervention… And who is this boy who is promised a Post ya vu Director while a ha ri mfana?”.

“Now I understand as to why Duncan Mashila is fighting, the defeat of Mahlambandlopfu has cost him dearly from becoming Municipal Manager of Collins Chabane Municipality”. #UtwandlalaDuncan #UlavaposoDuncan

And, a second post reads in Mashila’s Facebook account, who was tagged on the original post.

Could there be any link to the shutdown at Malamulele town and Collins Chabane Municipality altogether, with the fight back strategy that Duncan Mashila has long vowed to put in place.

Collins Chabane Municipality has since been hogging the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and reported malfeasance by some of the municipal officials who prefer giving posts on a silver platter to family and friends like easter eggs.
In one instance, the Mayor of Collins Chabane Municipality, Councillor Joyce Baloyi was called to answer concerned residents, who shared their plight of being sidelined, on advertised posts at the newly established Municipality, on Afrika wa vulavula, Munghana Lonene current affairs program one of the SABC radio station based in Polokwane.
Corruption and lacklustre service delivery seems to be the focal point, and root cause of the quagmire that the municipality finds itself in.
The politics of the stomach will forever be a deterrent, and stumbling block to our communities who rely on these municipalities, that are led by power hungry, but unscrupulous politicians who forget those who catapulted them into position of power, and those who are in dire need of service delivery.