EFF, Giyani Sub- region pushed Health Limpopo to pay its workers!

EFF Giyani sub-region chairperson, handing over the memorandum to Nkhensani Hospital CEO, Ruth Mabunda. Image supplied.  

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Following the threat posed by Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Giyani Sub- region to close down Nkhensani and Evuxakeni Hospital, Limpopo Department of Health has finally paid its workers.

The only Informer in town learned that Evuxakeni and Nkhensani Hospital laundry/ kitchen workers weren’t receiving their salaries since march this year.



EFF, Giyani Sub- region leadership and the Evuxakeni Hospital management met in July this year and, according to ward 12 leader, Austin Mabasa, management had promised that the Department of Health will pay the workers who haven’t received their salaries since March 2018.

“They told us that the payment would be made on the 31st of July, but surprisingly, workers still haven’t been paid their monies then.

“In August, we went to Nkhensani Hospital to enquire about this problem, and we were told that even the MEC is aware of the challenge.

“We told them that they must pay the workers or else we’ll shut down the institution. The way forward is that all unpaid workers must be paid on the 30th of September 2018, and they are going to get the money for 6 months backpay”.

EFF had promised to follow into the matter this October. Mabasa added that, they’re happy that starved workers have received their 6 months salary.

“This is because of the push from the EFF Giyani Sub- region, today the workers in Nkhensani and Evuxakeni Hospital are payed and absorbed by the Department of Health. Forward with result forward”, concluded Mabasa.