Siyandhani village pastor uses a condom to demonstrate God’s power! 

Controversial man of the cloth, Christ  Penelope. Image supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Siyandhani village, situated in the western-site of Giyani town, which is in a stone throw distance away, there hails a  controversial man of the cloth, who invariably hogs the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.



It’s alleged that on Tuesday, Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries Pastor, Christ Penelope during the sermon under the theme “Demonstration of God’s power” took it overboard when he anointed the church with a condom oil.

It’s still a shock that the congregation had condoms in their possessions as the so-called man of God was filled up with the holly Ghost, and he instructed one of the congregant to bring a condom to the fore, he then opened it and, began to anoint a chair and he asked the congregation to come and sit on the anointed chair. All of them allegedly fell down as they succumbed under the spell of the Holy Spirit.

According to the Facebook post posted on the church page; it claims that during Tuesday’s sermon, as the man of God  continued with the series of dirty vessels/Jars hence being filled with Water to the brim at the wedding of Cana, He was caught up in a trance and couldn’t teach for a while, and as He tried to teach,  the Holy Spirit couldn’t allow Him to speak words in the proceeding until he instructed one of the congregants to bring a condom,  and he opened it and began to anoint the chair and he asked congregants to come and sit on the anointed chair and all of them fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.

If there’s a debt that all Christians owes God is one thing~~Obedience.

In conclusion, God remains God Forever.

To God Be The Glory!!!