EFF’s push led to demoted Maxis manager’s reinstatement

EFF, Giyani sub-region leadership and Spar management posing for a picture during their engagement meetings last week.  Image supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Following the engagement between the third largest political affiliation in South Africa, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Giyani Sub-region and Giyani Spar management last week did bear fruits.




The only Informer in town has been reliably informed that Spar workers and other franchises owned by the Sinemer’s family and in-laws in Giyani are being exploited by their employers.

EFF co-ordinator in Giyani, Austin Mabasa says Maxis manager has been unfairly demoted by the Sinemer’s children and in-laws who  owns a significant number of shops and restaurant franchises in Giyani town.



“We have engaged the business family in question on a number of things, which mainly comprises of the exploitation of their working staff and taking advantage of  clients.

“We are ectastic that the manager of Maxis will soon be reinstated anytime  from now”, added Mabasa.

More details to follow on Giyani View Newspaper next Tuesday.