Mulamula satellite police station to serve 18 villages

The Satellite will operate 24 hours and attend to all the complaints, including the prevention of all crime categories. Image supplied/ Limpopo SAPS.

By Angie Nkuna

Malamulele- In a concerted effort to strengthen the fight against crime, the South African Police Service in Limpopo moved a step ahead by ensuring that service delivery is accelerated in bringing service closer to the people.



The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in the Province, Lieutenant General Nneke Jim Ledwaba has last Friday officially opened Mulamula Satellite Police station in the Malamulele township.

The event was attended by the Mulamula Tribal Authority, the Collins Chabane local Municipality, the Deputy Provincial Commissioners and Commanders from all levels of command throughout the Province, the business community, community structures, and members of the community from Mulamula village and the surrounding villages.

“This Satellite will operate for 24 hours and attend to all the complaints, including the prevention of all crime categories, especially the problematic once, such as murder, robberies, rape, burglaries at businesses and residential places.

“It will service eighteen (18) villages which are as follows : Dakari, Mbalati, Salani, Mapimele, Machele, Xihosana, Nhobelani, Dumela, Muswane, Malamula Photani, Mulamula Vukeya, Xigamani Macevele, Velez, Xigamani Basekiti, Phaphazela, Gumbani, Mukhomi Mahala, Mukhomi Mutshwetshwe and Mukhomi Basani”, says Limpopo Police Spokesperson, Moatshe Ngoepe.

Various speakers including the Youth Against Crime, the Community Police Forum, the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education gave messages of support.

They all made commitments to support the police in their quest and endeavour to fight crime at all times.



During his keynote address, the Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba  commenced by thanking the Traditional leaders for welcoming the SAPS to engage with the people of Mulamula and Malamulele area at large on matters of safety.

“I am here with the SAPS management for all levels of command in the province to pledge our support to you on matters of safety and security.

“As the Police, we have been engaging with the stakeholders throughout the province to try and get communities to come on board in the fight against crime.

“We are here to bring services closer to you after we heard your cries about the long distance you were travelling to go and report complaints or cases at Malamulele Police Station.

“We are particularly concerned about the turnaround time of the police when attending to complaints which will definitely improve.

“This Satellite Police Station will be equipped with the necessary tools of our trade to serve you to the best of our abilities.

“As the police in Limpopo, we have played our part and we will work tirelessly to protect the people of this province with strength and determination. It is up to you now to take care of the station and protect it  because it is your property.



“I am saying this because of the recent trend, where people participate in strikes demanding various services from the Government but they end up destroying properties which is totally uncalled for.

“The Satellite will service all your needs that concerns us as the police until such time that is  turned into a fully-fledged police station. We call upon members of the community to partner with the police by reporting all illegal activities including the illegal mining in the area”, concluded General Ledwaba.