The EFF’s deputy president called a fraud star, womaniser, rapist, drunken master and all…

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Economic Freedom Fighters Deputy President,  Floyd Nyiko Shivambu. Image supplie.

By Blessing Mabunda

Giyani- Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) convenor who graduated and become president, Thembani Gift Maswanganyi  has repeatedly posted what he does best on Facebook rant, when he calls Economic Freedom Fighters’s deputy president, Floyd Nyiko Shivambu a fraud star, womanizer, personality default, Hypocrisy, unacceptable character, a drunken master, a rapist, growing up a bully child and a menace to the society.



Maswanganyi had promised to publish his open letter to Shivambu and his younger brother, Brian titled “the Floyd Shivambu I know”  at 14h00 today.

Maswanganyi claims that Floyd is his former University friend and,  close ally at Wits University whom he threatens to open a can of worms and divulge on the real Floyd Shivambu issues.

As he has already posted the pieces of his open letter on Facebook, Diyane Sithole an ANC member replied to the post stating that  “you must  tell your advocate to prepare court papers to oppose the civil case for deformation of character if you write such an open letter because the few points which are here have elements of deformation.

“When you want to attack an intellectual make sure that, you avoid elements of criminality and deformation but be robust. I know you as one of the intellectuals of Gaza”, said Sithole in a brotherly advice to Gift.

“I like both of you”, he quipped.

Maswanganyi went on to write what he calls a preface of the open letter;

“It is my pleasure to be afforded an opportunity to share with the nation the world and the people  a fair chance to disclose realities behind Mr Nyiko Floyd Shivambu, a much celebrated young leader an aspiring revolutionary, an intellect, a scholar a graduate, alumni and the deputy president of EFF, member of the parliament of South Africa.



“Little is known to many, but I had a robust face to face interaction with my fellow friend later a hypocrite​”. Concludes Gift’s Facebook post…

An attempt to draw a comment from EFF deputy president Nyiko Floyd Shivambu through his DM proved unsuccessful before going online.