BREAKING NEWS: After all, staunch Mlfm listeners could get their wish to fruition with a soon to be revised XMA15 line-up… 

Mughana Lonene FM’s XMA15 Line up in question.

By Owen Mafukele

Johannesburg- A little birdie has whispered into Giyani View‘s ever listening ear of the imminent changes, that are likely to leave some artists out in the cold.

This came after many listeners couldn’t fathom nor digest the rationale behind the selection of some artists (others haven’t released new albums in a decade) but for the nod to perform on the 1st of December musical shindig.



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The current line-up of Xitsonga music awards, that’s billed for the 1st of December at Giyani stadium could be altered, and in the process affording a perfect opportunity to the artists who were sidelined from the main event, especially Xitsonga artists who has forever remained loyal and used to perform pro-bono for the radio station in time gone-by.

Munghana Lonene FM listeners took to twitter and other social media pages, showing disdain and anger towards the list of artists who were meant to perform on that fateful day.

“You have won”, read one line SMS reaffirming the fact that station manager has heard the listeners cries and would in no time act on it, with the confirmation of the names for artists who shall kiss Xitsonga music festival goodbye, although we can’t go public with them”… said Giyani View’s reliable source.


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Apparently, the station manager Lawrence Ubisi, is reported to be preparing to make an official announcement on the list of artists who have since been relegated from the main event of Xitsonga music awards.

The names of the affected artists are known to Giyani View, but couldn’t be made public until an official word has been communicated with the artists in question.

Stay glued to Giyani View to help keep you abreast on the latest development on this story…