#XMA15 hanging in the balance after event sponsors pulled out!  

By Blessing Mabunda

Giyani- The Only Informer In Town’s mole claims that Mughana Lonene FM (MLFM) has postponed the much anticipated #XMA15 to March 2019 after failing to raise enough sponsorships.


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Xitsonga Music Awards (XMA) made headlines in the past weeks following their lineup, which has left many fans baffled. It’s understood that MLFM had included some artists on the lineup who were neither voted for by their listeners nor deserving to be part of the final list at all.

MLFM was advised to leave some artists out in the cold to clear the air and do damage control, but the management wouldn’t budge.

Instead chose to postpone the event after listeners couldn’t fathom nor understand the rationale behind the selection of some of the artists (whereas some haven’t released new albums in a decade) but got the nod to perform on the 1st of December musical shindig at the Giyani Stadium.

In the process Xitsonga artists felt sidelined and denied a perfect opportunity to showcase their talents.

Munghana Lonene FM listeners took to twitter and other social media pages, showing dissatisfaction and,  anger towards the list of artists who were meant to perform on that fateful day.

“Amongst the sponsors that was in support of the #XMA15 is the broke like a church mouse Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) which lost millions of Rands in VBS and Mopani District Municipality (MDM) which is seriously facing financial crisis.

“Last year October, GGM landed MDM money to pay its employees after their coffers ran dry. It’s unfortunate that even GGM can’t give MLFM some cash, but it can offer the stadium.

“I don’t see this event happening any time soon, since a lot of questions about this event remain  unanswered.” concluded our mole.