At last Giyani Spar CEO toe the line!

EPTAWU President and EFF in Giyani Sub- region Co- ordinator, Austin Mabasa making sure that Spar CEO, Mia De Brun signs the documents.  Image/ Angie Nkuna.

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Following the much anticipated shutdown of the two Spar Supermarkets in Giyani town by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Giyani Sub- region and workers union- Economic Pioneer Transformation Aid South African Workers Union (EPTAWU) this morning, CEO Mia De Brun had finally committed herself to pay employees bonuses, and to change hourly rates.


EPTASAWU President and EFF Giyani Sub- region Co- ordinator, Austin Mabasa says on the issue of Momentum and Old Mutual Schemes Mia De Brun signed the coset letter to release employees.

The EFF and EPTASAWU have opened a case of fraud on Tuesday night at the Giyani Police Station following the engagement with Giyani Spars Management in October regards to the issue of exploiting workers.

According to the EFF, the two supermarkets which are operated by a well-known family, Slyman’s children and in-laws are robbing customers and violates the basic rights of employment act.

Workers have been complaining​ that since 2016 till to date, there is no increament on their salaries, and the employer is deducting money to a Momentum Group without their consent and they don’t benefit from the scheme instead the employer is the one benefiting.

CEO Mia De Brun in October has agreed to terminate the Momentum and Old Mutual Schemes which are allegedly benefiting the employer out of employees sweat.

Mabasa says employees when their loved ones have died are given bags of potatoes and cabbages.

“The CCMA has ruled that these two schemes should be cancelled since they benefit the employer out of workers sweat.

“Mia De Brun had been playing hide and seek game after the ruling of CCMA, and the agreement we reached in October. It’s unfortunate that she had to do it the hard way.” Concludes Mabasa.