Mopani District Municipality demands retraction after Sowetan newspaper’s report 

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Mopani District Municipality Manager,  Republic Monakedi. Image supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- The Mopani District Municipality (MDM) has released a statement rubbishing the Sowetan newspaper report against its manager, Republic Monakedi.

In the statement, MDM says it’s unhappy about the article with the Headline: District boss robbed of ANC’s R5m.

The Sowetan published an article which the municipality believes it’s an attack to Monakedi. The article was published on the 4th of January 2019.

“The Mopani district municipality’s concern revolves around a paragraph which is quoting an anonymous source alleging that our municipal manager collected R5m from service providers. Our area of concern here is that the reporter did not afford the Mopani district municipality an opportunity to respond to the specific allegations.

“What he did was to only ask us to react to the physical attack of our municipal manager, Mr Republic Monakedi, of which we did. As the Mopani district municipality we are taking the allegations the publication is making against our employee Mr. Monakedi on a serious light. The article is tarnishing the image of our institution as it portrays Monakedi as a person who solicited money from the service providers contracted to the institution.

“The Mopani district municipality is demanding a retraction of the allegations being made in the article. We have started engaging SOWETAN to ensure that the matter is put to rest. We would like to dismiss the allegations that are being levelled against our municipal manager. We are also urging anyone with such allegations to approach the municipality or law enforcement agencies.” concludes the statement.

Meanwhile, the family of Monakedi dismisses allegations made by the newspaper. The family statements read- the publication did not contact the victim and also the family just to give us a right to reply as guided by the basic principles of Journalism.

“We are, however urging anyone with information on allegations of the money laundering levelled against Monakedi to approach the Police and other law enforcement agencies.

“On the same light we are also urging members of the public with the information that can lead to the arrest of the criminals who attacked Monakedi to approach the police. We want the perpetrators to be brought to book. We also feel that the article has a potential of further keeping the lives of Monakedi and his family at risk.” The statement concludes.