Chief Dzumeri in hot water over land claim  monies 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Chief Wilson Divila Mabunda of Dzumeri Traditional Council (DTC) in the outskirts of Giyani finds himself in hot water after his communities demands their alleged held developing land claim money.

Disgruntled community members last year September stormed the traditional council in demand of their remaining  balance.

Giyani View has been reliably informed that out of R38 942 397.00 land settlement for Dzumeri community at least R10 311 150.94 has been held up for development purposes.

It’s further alleged that in 2016 at least 351 individual households in Dzumeri have been compensated R110 947.00 each instead of R221 894.00 each.

Research conducted by the office of the regional land claims commissioner established that the Dzumeri community occupied the farms at Xamfana, Mbebule and Jokweni.

The land claim by Dzumeri community was published on notice no 734 in Government Gazette no. 31130 on the 13th June 2008. The Dzumeri community consists of 351 households.

Provincial spokesperson Avhashoni Magada, then, said the actual disposition of the community was gradual between 1967 and 1968. A certain Mr Stander from Duiwelskloof who was a government official ordered the removal of the community, he said.

“In September last year, when the concerned communities stormed the tribal council’s office at Ka- Ndambhi, then the chief had been reported to be sick.

“This year (2019) he will definitely give us our remaining balance because since the money was kept for development purposes, we have seen none rather than his private school which is questionable”,   alleges our source.

Meanwhile, our ongoing investigations into the tribal council have discovered that the Dzumeri Trust Account which the money was meant to be kept in for development has been dry with no coffers.

According to our source, the Trust Account thus far has not benefited any of the 18 Dzumeri villages, which have left dozen of residents across the 18 villages under the leadership of Chief Mabunda incensed beyond anger.

It was exacerbated by the decision taken to increase yearly tax, which saw the levies skyrocketed by 100%, allegedly without proper consultations and engagement with the concerned communities was like adding salt to an open wound.