Manghezi Secondary School Grade 12 pupils shut down school due to lack of teachers!


By Accra Maweya

Giyani- Grade 12 learners from Manghezi Secondary School at Nsavulani Village in the outskirts of Giyani, have shut down their doors of learning due to the school being short staffed.

This followed after another teacher left the school due to the teachers allegedly not being paid by the government.

The school has not had a principal and a Geography teacher since August last year when the principal was moved to another school.

The pupils have just started their final year but are already facing challenges that might cause them not to do well at the end of the year.

Precious Makhubele a pupil at the school claims that the situation is terrible as they are now forced to teach themselves.

“The situation at school is terrible, we are learners, but we are teaching ourselves because we do not have teachers and it will make us fail.”

It is alleged that the teachers are not paid, instead community members have been the ones sacrificing from their pockets to pay teachers so they can be able to stay and teach at the school.

“Now another teacher is gone, the government was no longer paying him instead community members had to sacrifice so that he would get paid.” Khutso Maenetje a parent of one of the pupils said.

The pupils claim that the strike will not end until the department of education does something to resolve the issue. The pupils have since been sent home to wait for a response as to when learning can resume.

The Limpopo Department of Education’s spokesperson, Sam Makondo wasn’t immediately reached for a comment.