Learning resumes at Manghezi Secondary School after protest 

By Accra Maweya

Giyani- School activities resume at Manghezi Secondary school at Nsavulani village in the outskirts of Giyani after pupils were sent home yesterday during a protest.

The protest took place after allegations that the school didn’t have enough teachers.

According to our source close to the school, learning at Manghezi Secondary school has resumed this morning.

Giyani View has been reliably informed that the teacher who had allegedly left the school is back and things are back to normal.

Limpopo department of education spokesperson Sam Makondo says the protest by the learners took place after an apparent misunderstanding, when a teacher left the school to go and fix his papers.

“The teacher is back in school, he had not left, he was going to Pretoria to fix his papers, there was just a misunderstanding about the whole situation.”

Makondo says that the situation is back to normal and the protest is over. “Learning has resumed and everything is back to normal at the school.” Makondo added.