Ndhambi wa Dzumeri village Pastor in rape scandal!

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By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- The Only Informer in Town has been reliably informed that a controversial pastor who allegedly erected his church in the field of Chief Dzumeri at Ka- Ndhambi village in the outskirts of Giyani without Chief Wilson Divila Mabunda’s consent raped one of his church members.

According to our source very close to the victim (name known to Giyani View) claims that the case had been opened at the Giyani police station, and later withdrawn after the pastor who originally comes from Mozambique persuaded the victim’s mother to withdraw the case.

Our source further alleged that the victim’s mother withdrawn the case to save her position in the church.

Limpopo police spokesperson, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe told Giyani View that  the matter was settled before the docket can be opened and there is no case registered at this stage.

Meanwhile, Dzumeri Royal family is expected to challenge the alleged pastor after he used the field to build the church without their consent.

“We have already put this matter before the Chief, and we believe that soon he will do what is expected of him because we can’t allow people to do as they please.

“We are aware of the people who are within the Dzumeri council, but working against the Chief. We even know the particular person who gave this pastor a permission to erect his church right in the field of the Chief, concluded our source in the Royal family.