Department of Water and Sanitation minister to intervene in resolving water issues in Giyani

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By Robert Maswanganyi

Giyani- The Minister of Water and Sanitation, Gugile Nkwinti will officially launch the Greater Giyani Water and Sanitation Advisory Council in Giyani on Friday morning at Mopani District Municipality Offices (Giyani).

The advisory council will work together with the Department to help resolve issues concerning the supply of water to the people of Giyani and surrounding areas.

Mopani District Municipality spokesperson Witness Tiva said a court decision was made that National Government should intervene and source water from the Nandoni Dam to augment water supply in Giyani.

“The intervention is meant to accelerate water provision in the then water stricken areas of Mopani,”

“Thus, the department, working with its implementing agent, Lepelle Northern Water and Mopani District Municipality is seized in implementing the Giyani Water Project to ensure access to water for all. ” concluded Tiva.