Elections in May- ANC making promises in Giyani…!!!

IMG-20190202-WA0013By Angie Nkuna and Robert Maswanganyi

Giyani- In the recent weeks African National Congress (ANC) leadership have been seen increasing their presence in Giyani. During the week of final registration voters roll, deputy president David Mabuza had led the African National Congress voter registration awareness campaign in full swing in the Giyani area.

The deputy president Mabuza, provincial chairperson Stanley Mathabatha, deputy provincial secretary Basikopo Makamu, PEC member and also the executive mayor of Mopani Cllr Nkakareng Rakgoale were among the dignitaries who were interacting with community members and urging them to go and register to vote in the upcoming general elections.

Mabuza had claimed that the ANC is determined to deliver basic services to communities across the country.

Giyani and its villages had been faced with water crisis since the ANC took over from the apartheid regime. Giyani had been declared a drought-stricken area in 2009 and till to date there’s no single drop of water in the area.

“The ANC-led government has been talking about prioritizing education but how do they prioritize education and dismantle educational institutions.

“All our institutions are gone or changed into something else and now we have Letaba TVET College and Limpopo Nursing College. This are institutions which are in Giyani albeit named in languages that’s foreign to Giyani people. We see people coming from far to take the little available opportunities away from Giyani people.

“This brings us to the question, does the government benefits the people or a select few individuals who are in the pockets of politicians. It has been reported that R3 billion has been spent in Giyani Bulk Water Project since 2014 to deal with the drought in Giyani that was declared in 2009.

“However, till to date under unbearable hot conditions, some communities around Giyani still don’t have access to drinking water. It’s unbelievable that people still use wheelbarrows to travel long distances to fetch water and sometimes they have to compete with animals for dirty water.

“We can’t deny the fact that Giyani just like any black community in South Africa has got many challenges such as the state of Nkhensani Hospital to name but a few and the government’s lack of efforts to tackle them.

“If the government care about the people of Giyani. They must prioritise education and local economic development first by restoring all educational institutions, and reopen all closed gold mines.

Town Planning and Re-Zoning of Giyani, Business Funding of SMME’s, Indegineuos Economic Reform, Prof HWE Ntsanwisi Celebration, J. Statue of Adolf Mhinga , IK Nxumalo and Prof HWE Ntsanwisi and make Giyani great again.

“In conclusion I would like to pose this question to you as a reader. Who do we blame when things are like this? So do we blame the government or the voter?” Asks Annah Mthombeni of  Giyani Kramatet.

During the ANC’s voter registration awareness campaign in Giyani, mopani district municipality executive Mayor Cllr Nkakareng Rakgoale and Members of the mayoral committee have allegedly handed over school uniforms and food parcels to eight children from two families in Giyani.

Mopani District Municipality Spokesperson, Witness Tiva says this is after deputy president David Mabuza committed that the school uniforms will be delivered before the end of the week.

“Mabuza was in Giyani during the week of the final registration, to encourage eligibile voters to register to vote in the upcoming general elections. The deputy president and premier Stan Mathabatha also committed that two houses will be built for the famalies, while the District Municipality will be providing water and sanitation.

“The deputy president, David Mabuza has announced that the construction of a 32 kilometer road outside Giyani will start in the next 14 days. Residents along the Thomo-Hlomela road have been complaining about the poor road infrastructure for many years.” concluded Witness Tiva.


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