Police in Lulekani condemn the raping of minors after a 7-year-old girl was raped

IMG-20180926-WA0016By Accra Maweya

Lulekani- The Police in Lulekani have condemned the rapping of  minors after a 64 year old man was arrested for the rape of a seven (7) year old girl at the suspect’s home in Lulekani on Saturday.

According to the police it is alleged that the victim was sent to borrow a wheelbarrow at the suspect’s house who was a well-known neighbor when the incident occurred.

“It is alleged that the suspect instructed the child to enter into the house and that was when he undressed the child and raped her.

“It was when the neighbours started to get worried and went to the house and called the girl by her name after they saw the suspect’s door closed and the child not coming out, that was when the strange behaviour from the child was noticed.

“The child’s mother was immediately called from work and the child was taken to the clinic where they were able to confirm the rape. The child was transferred to Maphutha Hospital for medical attention after sustaining severe injuries which resulted from the rape.

“The police were summoned and a rape case was opened and the 64-year old was arrested. Added Lulekani police spokesperson, Reo Mabunda.

Lulekani police station commander lieutenant colonel Mackenzie Prince Mkansi condemned the raping of a minor.

“I am strongly condemning the raping of our children, I therefore send a strong message to all perpetrators of this nature that the law will deal with them accordingly. The gloves are on to any criminal continuing with this kind of heinous conduct. Children deserve protection and love from everyone.” Added lieutenant colonel Mkansi.

The suspect is yet to appear at the Lulekani Magistrate’s court soon pending investigations by the police.


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