Masiza High School principal given an ultimatum over the department’s decision!

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By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Mbaula residents in the outskirts of Giyani vow to close down Masiza High School in protest against the department of education’s decision to displace one of the educator to another school.

The only Informer in town has been reliably informed that the decision to displace at least 3 educators from Masiza High School to another school (s) came as a sabotage for the school, Masiza.

Amongst the educators who are in the verge of being moved to another school (s) is the hard working Pahlele who has been with the school ever since.

Pahlele who is the Head of Department (HOD) at the school and English and Life science teacher had been praised for his commitment at the school.

Task team chairperson, Lester Chuma told Giyani View that Masiza principal has until this afternoon to withdraw the decision to have Pahlele and Maswanganyi displace somewhere else.

“The school has eighteen extra educators and according to ‘RR’ the educators who should be displace somewhere-else when the school has more teachers are those who were employed recently at the school.

“We can’t allow Pahlele to be taken away from us- today we have morning study because of him, Pahlele. He is the only teacher who arrives at the school early Monday to Friday and today he should be moved elsewhere, No!

“As the community of Mbaula we say no…they’re educators they can move them elsewhere not Pahlele and Maswanganyi. The principal has denied the rumous in the corridors of the village and it’s the reason why today we commanded the SGB to have the final engagement with them regarding this issue, concludes Chuma.


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