The Magic team debut their 6 tracks EP

IMG-20190204-WA0007By Albert Maluleke

Double C Gang, The Magic Team (TMT) bring their first EP as a group after 2 years being linked, the Tsonga hip hop and RnB bests, Henrison, Clein Buoy, CVP the Problem and West Heidik links up on a 6 tracks EP titled “Suit and Tie.”

“The feeling is great since we have dropped suit and tie, it seems like a lot of people love it young an old people” said West Heidik, the member of the We Double C Gang.

WE Double C GANG bring differenrt sound, style, delivery and appearance in Tsonga hip hop and RnB, everything on their EP is based on true story they said, and it represent the village they’re from.

The EP is executively produced by Clein Bouy who is also member of the team, he joined forces with another Tsonga rap and RnB producer Ntsako Beats who produced “ndzi swivonile” and “lowkey” on the EP,

“Influence behind suit and tie, is about believing in yourself and staying positive because people talk all the time. And is to let people know that nothing comes easy in life in order to live your dream you have to put blood sweat and tears into it”.

West Heidik say TMT is working hard trying to submit their music to community and national radio stations.

“Now we’re still busy trying to submit the EP to  radio stations and we also promoting it through social media and lots of people are showing love to our EP,  moving forward we planning to extend it to an album as lot of people loved it but we haven’t  set a releasing date as yet.

For now we’re still busy fight to submit over radio stations an also trying to get ourselves a manager. So then after we going to shot more music videos” said Heidik, talking about promoting the EP.

Xitsonga hip hop and RnB acts have traditionally experienced challenges breaking into the mainstream South African market, and that TMT are hard on their toes to make that their fans hear their music in radio stations.

TMT have lots of music for their fan this year, West Heidik is releasing his first single of 2019 on his mum’s birthday 17 February titled “Manana wakala”  prod by Clein Buoy and also releasing his first  album called “Strive For greatness”. Clein Bouy will a release single called “pfula mahlo” he’s also working on an album and he’s nominated for Best Xitsonga RnB on GCR FM Xitsonga cultural music awards. CVP the Problem is  also busy with his  album.

MEC Sekoati to launch the 2019 annual Marula Festival

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By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- MEC of Economic Development and Tourism, Seaparo Sekoati will this Friday (18 January 2019) launch the 2019 Annual Marula Festival. The festival focuses on raising awareness on the economic derivatives of the Marula fruit.

This year’s 14th Annual Marula Festival launch will be held at Waterberg District, Lephalale Municipality at Boutique Game Lodge and Spa.

The festival itself aims to pay more attention to community based Marula initiatives with great potential for sustainable growth.

The Festival is the government’s effort to reignite economic growth by attracting tourism, investments and possible job creation through community based cultural products.

The event attracts a substantial number of both domestic and international guests and investors for tourism purposes as well as local economic benefits.

Nghala ya Mona’s much anticipated album out on digital platforms and copies

By Albert Maluleke

Giyani- The thriving Xitsonga traditional musician, composer and producer Thabo Mdaka also known as “Nghala ya Mona” has released a sizzling hot new album titled “Ndzi twa ku nandzika”. His twelve-track masterpiece offering showcases Nghala ya mona’s raw talent like there is no other.

The Mogomotjie village born artist in the outskirts of Tzaneen says he discovered his talent while he was still in primary school, although he couldn’t pursue a career in music because his parents valued the importance of education.

Nghalas records founder says the reception his album has received which has hits like ‘Xibamu’, ‘Swidzotela’, ‘Ndzi twa ku nandzika’ and ‘Swa dlaya’ has proved incredible, and getting more support from the neighbouring countries like Mozambique, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

“My fans and Xitsonga music lovers at large has received the album with open arms. I’ve been getting credits and compliments from all angels for my work, and my supporters are going all out to buy original copies, whereas some opted to stream and download the album on digital platforms” he said.

“Ndzi twa ku nandzika” promote love and that couples should learn to stick with each other through thick and thin, regardless of the situation. We must not get carried away with over excitement resulting from the discovery of new love. As the people, we should take time and get to know each other better”.
Nghala ya mona says the albums is named ‘Ndzi twa ku nandzika” because people enjoy new love to such an extent that they end up forgetting their priorities of what is important in life.

“We came up with this name because we felt like we should give free advice to our listeners that even when they are enjoying new love. They must not forget what is most important in life, ” he said.

NR front man says Ndzi twa ku nandzika is different with his Munghana Lonene Xitsonga Music Awards 12 (XMA12) nominated album on best new comer category, “The concept in this album is different, new sounds vibes meaning you can dance even if you don’t want to.

All songs are well composed, mixed and mastered in a highly professional manner. This album is about modern things that are happening, our day- to- day life experiences” he added.

He says for more information on his album tour, music videos and promotions, visit and like his facebook page and subscribe on the YouTube channel: NGHALAS RECORDS.

Mabermuda taps into Xitsonga traditional music with his latest released single…

Mabermuda, real name Frank Barros Vanancio Savanguane. Image supplied.

By: Vulani Baloyi

Giyani- Mozambique muso, Mabermuda real name Frank Barros Vanancio Savanguane has done the unexpected. Changing genre cannot be a walk in a park, but he did it, in honour of South African Xitsonga Xigaza music legends.

In his recent single track dubbed Tita Vuya, Mabermuda is heard praising and alluding South African musos and awards winning artists like Benny Mayengani, Joe Shirimani, General Muzka and legendary musos like Penny Penny and Dr Thomas Chauke

In his interview with Giyani view Reporter, Mabermuda said the motive behind the song is that he has performed in South Africa for sometimes, he then deemed if fit that he produces a track in line with the South African Tsonga-Xigaza traditional music.

“I have supporters in SA and Mozambique, and I thought for a moment I should also cater for my South African supporters, hence the track “Tita vuya”.

One cannot talk about Xitsonga music and not make mention of Penny Penny, Joe Shirimani, Benny Mayengani, Dr Thomas Chauke, General Muzka. These are the companions of Xitsonga music in both South Africa and Mozambique. I knew that mentioning them in my track as an honour was going to give the song good reception in both countries, he said.

“In that manner I am showing respect to these artists, as much as they are respected in Mozambique and South Africa.

In his upcoming album, Mabermuda features General Muzka. He said he would be very happy to work with almost each and every artist that he has mentioned in his track.

He said it’s very crucial for Xitsonga music artists to work together to advance and popularise Xitsonga language and music to the world.

“If Mabermuda works with Benny, Dj Brian, Joe, Penny Penny or General Muzka, the results would be to advance the Xitsonga language,” he added.

The song seems to be gaining traction in both countries, with people seen in videos singing along and dancing to the song.

“I am very happy with the warm welcome and reception the song has received since it was realised 3 three weeks ago, I am humbled and would like to thank God for the talent he gave me,” he said.

Xitsonga Music Awards Nominees announced

By: Albert Maluleke

The Munghana Lonene FM’s Xitsonga Music Award (XMA15) nominations for 2018 have been announced. The XMA15 will be held at Giyani Stadium in the 24th of November 2018.

Tsonga Prince Henny C lead the nominations with five nods, President Fill-Up Benny Mayengani bagged three nominations and two with Revolution, Gami Swaga and Xisomisani follows with three nominations and new comers Khombo Shirimani and DJ Enock Mateki na Pertunia got two nominations each.

The late legendary Hasani Freddy Masingi also known as Matshwa Bemuda will receive Posthumous Award, living legend award will be handed to the legendary Esta M, Lifetime Achievement Award to Patson Chauke and Special Recognition goes to Antonio Marcu.

Check the complete list of other nominees for the XMA15 Awards below:

Best Xitsonga New Comer Artist of the Year

Amu Bila, McTrevor, Mateki na Petunia, Collen Rikhotso, Khombo Shirimane
Best Xitsonga Disco Song of the year

Joni ku fana nala kaya        General Muzka,

Dyondzo Part 4               Mbuyangwana,

Mhani                              Colonel Mhlongo,

Mazinya                           Henny C,

Vutomi                             Sgt Dikidana
Best Xitsonga Gospel Song of the Year

U tshembekile                  Worship House,

Bombo ra Vakriste           The Living Rock,

A swi nga fanelanga          Pastor Lungi Ndala,

Tana Ka Yesu                  Themba Nyathi,

Tana ka Yesu                   Jeff Baloyi,
Best Xitsonga RnB Song of the year
Romeo and Juliet             Henny C,

Ndzi vona ku cinca          Cool B,

Siku na Siku                    Candy,

I do                                 Daniel Brothers,

My Melo                         Rejoinder,
Best Xitsonga Hip Hop Song of the year
A mi ku yini                             PH ft Sho Madjozi,

Mi nge swikoti Magaza        DMS,

Ni ti nyiketa ka wena           Mthimbani,

U nga fambi                         Soshangaan,

Lesson                                 Good Vibe
Best Xitsonga House Song
Mavoko                              Revolution ft Benny Mayengani,

Macucubanga                      DJ Ganyani,

Tamati Soso                        DJ Gammi ft Xisomisani,

User busy                            Mapelle ft Sho Majozi $ Near Pearl.
Best Xitsonga Collaboration of the Year
Gogo                                   Protector ft Prince Rhangani,

Nsati wa Nga                       MOP ft. clive S $ Mthimbabi,

Milorho                                Mgimeti ft. Sunglen,

Mavoko                               Revolution ft. Benny Mayengani,

Tamati Sauce                       Dj Gammi ft. Xisomisani.
Best Xitsonga Group/Duo of the year
Snombhelani Sisters, Russian Army, Swiyimbeleri Swa Magaza, Hosi yo Lungha na Shirhami Sisters, Daniel Brothers
Best Xitsonga Female Artist of the Year
Flora N’wa-Chauke, Sunglen Tshabalala, Mhan Flo, Mhani Tshami, Khombo Shirimane

Best Xitsonga Male Artist of the Year

Joe Shirimane, Mr. Post, Benny Mayengani, Forget Makhahlele, Henny C
Best Xitsonga Most Popular Song of the Year
A swi nga fanelanga                        Pastor Lungi Ndala,

Coleslaw                                           Sunglen,

Dzengendlela                                  DJ Mateki na Pertunia,

Dayimani                                        Flora Nwa-Chauke,

Gondzo ra Vutomi                          Joe Shirimane,

My Bible and I                                Mr. Post,

Romeo and Juliet                            Henny C,

Swa ni fanela                                  Benny Mayengani,

Switirhi swa le Gigini                      Russian Army, and

Tamati Soso                                    Gami Swaga ft Xisomisani.
Dr Thomas Chauke Artist of the Year
Benny Mayengani, Sunglen Tshabalala, Henny C, and Flora N’wa-Chauke.
Special Awards

Posthumous Award                      : Hasani Freddy Masingi (Matshwa Bemuda)

Living Legend                                  : Esta M

Companion of Xitsonga Music      : Dr Colbert Mukwevho

Lifetime Achievement Award        : Patson Chauke.

Special Recognition                          Antonio Marcus.
Best Xitsonga Producer of the year will go to the Producer who would have produced the winner on the Best Xitsonga Most Popular Song of the year category.

3rd annual Maltown Kings Tsonga hip hop festival

GMax and the Gang. Image supplied.

By: Albert Maluleke

Johannesburg- It has been Three years since Malamulele hip hop artists Lesson, Janfirst, MC Bloq and Sheldon first started the Maltown Kings Tsonga rap festival. What started out at first as a way to just finally have somewhere to play Hip-Hop shows in Malamulele and surrounding areas, has now turned into a genre stable that many Xitsonga rap artists come in from all over Limpopo to entertain their Tsonga rap fans.

The Maltown Kings festival which takes place every year in December 27th at Cheap Pozi will announce the lineup for its 3-Year-Anniversary show.

Lesson, who is the one of the Maltown Kings founders, said their aim is to push local talent specifically focusing on Malamulele artists, but any rapper from outside Malamulele is welcomed to join them.

And, he further explain who’s Maltown and why it has been happening since it was started in 2016,  “Maltown kings is us Malamulele rappers, We decided to make this a series because there isn’t something like this in our area and that way we can monitor progress and rappers can be sure that comes December, they have a home to showcase their rap skills” he said

“As big hip hop fans, we realized, we needed to start our own thing since there’s nobody or movement pushing hip hop in our area, this is a platform for the culture and a place for local artists to have a place to play when there aren’t as many options for Xitsonga Hip Hop / Rap.” he explained how the idea for the event came about.

Maltown Kings have done two shows so far “first one we had it in 2016, and the second one in 2017. All of the shows got positive response most especially the second one. So we are very sure for this year we are going to have more numbers.” He said

The organizer said other Tsonga rap artists who are not from Malamulele or the surrounding areas are allowed to perform at Maltown Kings event

“Every artist is allowed to perform at Maltown including artists of other genres but they have to be a bigger artist to perform, but if it’s other.

It is very important to get an established artist(s) to magnify the event, but because now we fund the event ourselves. It’s hard to pay for established artists, maybe next year we are going to be able to pay for a bigger artist.” He said

Beside from performances, Lesson said  supporters can walk away with his album “Fresh Air”,  or Leo Bee’s “Nwana Nkulu”  album, a couple of projects other Tsonga rappers dropped, Maltown Kings Merchandise, T-shirts and album will be sold at the event.

“Future plans is to make the concert bigger, and invite bigger artist from around the world and the country to come to Malamulele and make history.” He said

Maltown Kings promote Tsonga Rap and everything that concerns Tsonga Rap

Comrade Ximbonchwa launches his anticipated album “Ndavezitha”

Comrades Ximbonchwa in handcuffs.  Photo supplied.  

By Albert Maluleke

Johannesburg- Born and bred under the beautiful sunny skies of Limpopo, the Lulekani, Phalaborwa based artist Derrick Mongwe popularly known as Comrade Ximbonchwa, translated “Fellow Inmate”.

Started recording what sounded like poetry while others thought he was just a praise singer as he could rhyme his clan names effortlessly. 

2018 Comrade Ximbonchwa released an album titled “Ndavezitha” laced with 10 tracks produced by Phanuel Hlungwani and Mikateko Bisonto Nkuna

In 2017 Comrade met prophet Siya who laid his hands on him and immediately felt the calling that Comrade Ximbochwa has. He then prayed for him that the talent that the musician has may continue to be heard across the borders of the beautiful country.

Comrade Ximbochwa teamed up with seasoned musician Ngalizo Terror to come up with the lead hit single of the album a song titled “Ndavezitha”. “This song had people across all walks of lives feeling like they kings and queens as it shows my understanding of the Tsonga clan, the album is jam-packed with hits such as Mamazala, Tikambeni, mhani Misola and Chenyuka” he said.

Song like” Mhani Misola” that will leave you in stitches as it criticizes critics of other peoples’ successes. Most people who are familiar with the music of the late legendary Nzama Jackson Chabalala who was famously known as Comrade Xigevenga feel that Comrade Ximbochwa just picked the baton of the late great musician and it’s in safe hands

All the songs in this 10-track album are sang and narrated in Xitsonga by Comrade Ximbochw and is released by Khalanga Entertainment and Media.

Blessing to represent Giyani in Miss Eagle South Africa 2018

Photo supplied/ Facebook. 

By Albert Maluleke

GIYANI- Beauty queen Blessing Malungane from Dzumeri, Mageva outside Giyani town is in the semi-finals of Miss Eagle South Africa 2018, she is also the brand ambassador of a national beauty pageant.

Miss Eagle SA is a contestant aimed at empowering women using their beauty and brains to make a difference in South Africa.

The largest social media search for Miss Eagle SA event is set to take place on the 27th October in Sandton Convention centre, Johannesburg.

The beauty with brains student who is currently doing her Bcom in Finance and accounting at Varsity College, matriculated from Nghonyama Secondary school with a bachelor’s degree and a distinction in English, believes that education plays a vital role in one’s life.

Malungane is inspired by her cousin who is also in the modelling industry and is currently in the top 10 of Miss Tourism Queen International. “She is the one that gives me more information about the modelling industry and upcoming beauty pageants, I get more information from her and some of the information I do my own research in the pageants I enter/ go into” she said.

Blessing says she started getting involved community works and helping those who are in need at a younger age with her family; with her family, they would give away old clothes to charities and at churches.

“I remember when one of my church mates who is younger than me came to me so excited about a dress that I have given away and she said to me “Blessing look what your mother has given to me “, this brought joy and happiness to me and from that day I saw the need of helping people.

I currently started helping individuals here in Johannesburg by giving them food and going to charities with my school mates where we actually have fun with the disadvantaged children”. She explained.

“I entered Miss Eagle South Africa because of the love I have for helping disadvantaged people and giving them second chances to achieve their childhood goals, I believe and know that one day I will be the one of the people to help reduce the number of people who disadvantaged in my home town and the country of South Africa and ensure every person has a shelter to live in and food to eat”

”I believe that we as South Africans; we should not judge disadvantaged people because we do not know the story behind what led to the situation they are in, instead lets help them. Being in the Miss Eagle South Africa pageant I have learnt a lot and that I will face challenges that will make me want to quit, Miss Eagle SA taught me to always act like an eagle, because eagles do not give up”. She said.

She says she is excited and feels blessed to represent Dzumeri and the whole of Giyani in Miss Eagle SA 2018. “That’s the place I want to make proud, it is the place that actually keeps me going and you hardly find people who are willing to go beyond their boundaries and capabilities, so I want to be that person who takes the responsibility of letting people from Giyani know that they can do anything they wish for.” She said.

“I would like to let every child in Giyani know that no matter where you are from or the villages you come from; it is possible for you to achieve your goal all you have to do is take your first step towards it and the rest will follow,” she said.

“I want to thank everyone and every support people from Giyani are showing me, it is not an easy journey, but because of their love i will keep on fighting to make Giyani a recognisable place in the country”, she said.

To vote for Blessing SMS “Blessing” at 35334, like her Facebook page Blessing Malungane Miss Eagle South Africa 2018 and follow her on Instragram @blessingmalungane_MESA2018.