Fake police officer robbed a local church Bishop in Giyani


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By Angie Nkuna

Giyani – Police in  Giyani have launched a massive manhunt for a fake Police officer who robbed the local Church Bishop large amount of cash.

It is alleged that, the suspect arrived at the Bishop’s place and pretended to be a Police officer where he accused the Bishop’s wife of being a drug dealer. He solicited money from the family, if they don’t want to be arrested. He then subsequently robbed them cash amount of money and disappeared.



Limpopo police spokesperson, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said Police were summoned, and reacted immediately. Police started with their intial investigations which revealed that the suspect is a well known person in the area, but he is still on the run at this stage. His description is as follows: he is dark in complexion, wearing a  black trouser and black T-shirt and he is always seen around Giyani, Malamulele and also in the Gauteng Province.

“The Police are requesting Chisa Gezani Thomas Rivombo who reside at Jimmy Galalume village outside Giyani town to come to Giyani Police Station or the nearest Police Station in order to assist with the investigations in this matter.

“Anyone with information that can assist the Police to arrest the suspect involved in this incident, may contact Colonel Chris Mabasa at 082 469 0739 or the crime stop number 0860010111 or the crime line sms 32211 or the nearest Police Station.

“The Police investigations  are still pending…,” concluded Ngoepe.


Police officer attached to Brits police station nabbed in Giyani CBD


Photo supplied/ Limpopo SAPS.

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani – Police in Giyani have on Friday intercepted a TRIO crime syndicate who were on a mission to rob a number of targeted businesses within the Giyani CBD, and arrested two suspects aged between 31 and 33. 

The preliminary Police investigations have revealed that one of the arrested suspect is a 33-year-old Police Constable, attached to Brits Police Station in the North West Province, residing at Sekororo area outside Tzaneen.



“The duo together with their accomplices evaded arrest, and had robbed a female University student cold hard cash and soon after that, were cornered and nabbed before they could continue with their planned rain of terror in the area. 

“The suspects were searched, and a Police firearm with 15 live ammunition was recovered in possession of the Police Constable. 

“The other suspect aged 31, also alleged to be from Sekororo area, was found in possession of three cell phones and R1400.00 cash which is believed to be the amount from the loot. A vehicle which the suspects were travelling in was also seized and it is still being worked upon. 

“The duo will appear before the Giyani Magistrate Court soon. 

“Anyone with information that can assist the Police to arrest the remaining suspects involved in this  incident, may contact Colonel Chris Mabasa at 082 469 0739 or the crime stop number 0860010111 or the crime line SMS 32211 or the nearest Police Station.” Said Limpopo police spokesperson, Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.
The Saps Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba has warned all the criminals out there that Limpopo Province cannot be turned into a playground for their heinous crimes. 
“Our crime fighting strategies are well oiled for any eventuality, so, stay away from this Province, if not so, you will be dealt with accordingly and without compromise,” concluded General Ledwaba.

Six Mineworkers killed at Palabora Mining Company

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Six Mineworkers are confirmed dead at PMC. Photo supplied.

By Angie Nkuna 

Phalaborwa- At least the number of Mineworkers who were killed at the Palabora Mining Company has increased to six people, after it was reported that a conveyor belt caught fire underground on Sunday morning.



The joint search operation led by the Search and Rescue Teams was activated immediately after the tragic incident was reported to the Police and the first body was retrieved during the day. 

The search operation for the last missing miner continued until the wee hours of the morning at 02:35, that’s when the body was retrieved bringing the total number of fatalities to six.

Limpopo police spokesperson, L.T. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe says police in Phalaborwa are investigating the death of the killed Mineworkers who were trapped underground.

“The cause of the incident is still not clear at this stage,  but Police investigations inconjunction with other role players, including the affected Mine will reveal what the cause is as they’re still pending…”

Meanwhile, mnister of Mineral Resources Gwede Mantashe says” we reiterate our call to mining companies to prioritise the safety of Mineworkers at all times.

“The DMR will proceed with the investigation into the cause of the accident at Palabora, soon after the fire underground has been extinguished and the area is declared safe.”

According to the statement released by PMC, the deceased are all male and are being identified. See below the statement:


Corrupt propensity swept under the rug


Vhavenda King, Toni Mphephu Ramabulana.  Photo supplied. 

By Blessing Mabunda 

Giyani- Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) legal representatives are believed to be building a strong case before they could open money laundering and fraud case against King of  Vhavenda, Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, VBS and Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM).

GLC alleged that King Ramabulana has benefited out of GGM’s R158 Million budget in public funds which was invested with VBS by the municipality.



GLC General secretary Gift Maswanganyi says R1,4 Billion will not be recovered as it was spent on Choppers, Mercedes Vianos and Mansions in Sandton, Gauteng.

“We are opening a case of Money Laundering and Fraud at Giyani / Thohoyandou Police Stations”, concluded Maswanganyi.

Giyani View understands that GGM has invested R158m of its R302m operating revenue in VBS and according to the National Treasury executive it is only a matter of time before some of the municipalities are not able to pay salaries.

Meanwhile, the newly established Collins Chabane Municipality with its headquarters based at Malamulele had invested R122m of its R344m operating revenue in VBS.

At least up to 15 municipalities across the country could collapse because they are not likely to recover their R1.5bn investments at VBS Mutual Bank.

Their exposure to VBS was “too large compared to their operating revenue”, according to a Treasury document sent to the affected municipalities in May 2018.

The SA Reserve Bank (Sarb) placed VBS under administration in March, following a liquidity crisis, and the auditor general launched papers to have VBS holdings liquidated and have its administrators sequestrated. VBS’s main source of cash was illegal short-term municipal deposits which it used to fund long-term loans to clients.

Another Treasury executive said this money was part of municipalities’ annual budgets and not extra money that the councils could function without.

“Unfortunately, they have lost all that money.

An executive member of the SA Local Government Association said it was “almost a foregone conclusion that some of these municipalities will crash”.

“We are losing sleep over the issue. The money was strictly for operational issues, not reckless investments,” said the official.

It’s time the rug gets to be  pulled off under the feet of officials involved and expose the amount of graft that have exchanged hands in this malfeasance.

Edited by Owen Mafukele

Department of Health in Limpopo throws their weight behind Nkhensani Hospital’s newly appointed CEO




Photo supplied.  

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- Limpopo Department of Health Spokesperson, Neil Shikwambane in response to the earlier media statement issued by the EFF in Giyani, says Ruth Shilumani wasn’t fired, but was on an acting capacity as the CEO of Nkhensani Hospital.



This came to light after a statement was issued by disgruntled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members in Giyani, who seek transparency on the procedures, and protocol that was followed, with regard to the sudden elevation of Winnie Mabunda to the position she currently occupies to be made available, as the former Evuxakeni CEO was promoted to Nkhensani Hospital and ascended to a similar position. 

“To say the newly appointed CEO of Nkhensani Hospital, Winnie Mabunda who has been appointed in the CEO position was through her political connections, and little or no consideration at all of her track record prior to the appointment was taken into cognisance is neither here nor there.

“It’s not always the case that people you lead appreciate everything from you. If it’s true that Winnie Mabunda didn’t try her level best in dealing with the issues affecting employees at Evuxakeni during her stint there.  

 Obviously there was something that she did accomplish and tried her level best for the betterment of the Hospital and its employees.

“The Department has a good track record of Winnie Mabunda, and we are of the view that, she deserves to be appointed as a permanent CEO of Nkhensani Hospital without a doubt,” concluded Shikwambane.

“Austin Mabasa says Mabunda has collapsed Evuxakeni, and even failed to resolve the issue of unpaid workers who work at Evuxakeni  laundry”. 

“How on earth could you promote someone who had dismally failed at a small hospital like Evuxakeni, and put that very same person in charge of a bigger hospital like Nkhesani, He quipped.

“We are heading for disaster here. If it happened that maybe you were in exile and you ain’t privy to this… 

Nkhesani Hospital employees were on strike in protest of her appointment and meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the hospital last week… 

They sacked Ruth, because she never went to exile”, concluded the EFF representative in Giyani.

Edited by Owen Mafukele 

Mabunda’s promotion to Nkhensani Hospital in question 


Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- Throngs of dissatisfied Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members in Giyani are all out seeking transparency on the procedures and protocol that was followed, with regard to the sudden elevation of Wisani Mabunda to the position she currently occupies to be made available, as the former Evuxakeni CEO was promoted to Nkhensani Hospital and ascend to a similar position. 

Giyani View understands that Mabunda who is a former CEO at Evuxakeni was appointed as the new CEO at Nkhensani Hospital through her political connections, and little or no consideration at all of her track record prior to the appointment was taken into cognisance. 

Austin Mabasa says Mabunda has collapsed Evuxakeni, and now as I’m talking, she even failed to resolve the issue of unpaid workers who are working at Evuxakeni  laundry.

 “How on earth could you promote someone who had dismally failed at a small hospital like Evuxakeni and put that very same person in charge of a bigger hospital like Nkhesani. He quipped.

“We are heading for disaster here. If it might happen that maybe you were in exile and ain’t privy to this…

“Nkhesani Hospital employees were on strike in protest of her appointment and meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the hospital last week… 

“They sacked Ruth Shilumani because she never went to exile”, concluded the EFF representative in Giyani. 

Edited by Owen Mafukele. 

Dzumeri residents vow to take to the streets in protest


Dzumeri Traditional Council, Ka Dzumeri outside Giyani town. Photo by Blessing Mabunda.  

By Owen Mafukele

GIYANI – Villagers from Dzumeri in the outskirts of Giyani are up in arms and have vowed to take to the streets in protest due to the non delivery of a tar road promised to them from early 2005.  

Dzumeri tribal authority is comprised of 18 villages.

Community’s far cry is due to the lack of progress and the small space at which the allocation of the tar road in the area has unfolded and gone awry in the process.



According to Dzumeri spokesperson, “The place has been on the waiting list since the year 2005, but until to date, the tar road in question is no where near to be seen”.  

“Communication from government in a form of a letter addressed to the communitties of Dzumeri somewhat indicate that the project was done and complete but there’s nothing to show for it”. 

The tar road was meant to connect local villages with a gravel road enroute to Nwa-Mintwa.

Speaking to Afrika wa vulavula in Munghana Lonene fm, the spokesperson further alluded to the fact that, “lack of accountability and coming forth to clear the confusion from the Greater Giyani Municipality has left affected villagers baffled”. “We don’t deal with the province, but our local municipality”. 

Greater Giyani spokesperson, Steven Mabunda was quoted verbatim, saying that “the road that have caused the villages of Dzumeri’s dismay and unease fortunately does not in this instance fall under the jurisdiction of the municipality but to that of the province”. 

Furthermore, Joshua Kwampa spokesperson from the Department that the incumbency of delivering of road services is upon, and they’re also responsible for rolling out of tenders to cater for these communities needs, emphasised on the lack of funds at the present moment within the department. “We approached the treasury with a cap in hands requesting for funds, that’s why there was a shortfall in terms of service delivery issues”.

However, he did give a time frame on Friday, that’s when the department will issue out the notice of 11 tender contracts, although there was no specific mention of Dzumeri if they’ll also be on the receiving end. 

We have had a situation where residents from villages who were promised have roads took to the public and blockade R81 in Moeketsi which hindered the flow of traffic. 

Rotterdam village could be in line to having their tar road cries being answered, cognizant of how the name of the village made it through several times in the conversation while ….  addressed the radio program.

The villagers spokesperson has acceded on air to the call of halting their planned action to protest, giving the department three working days to come back with a tangible feedback before they embark on all the mother of the strikes which is yet to be seen within Giyani’s immediate vicinity. 

ANC Policy ‘destroyed’ Gazankulu’s legacy for Vatsonga tribe



By Blessing Mabunda

Giyani- Ahead of the official launch of the newly formed political party, Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) on Saturday at Oasis Lodge in Giyani- GLC has criticized African National Congress (ANC) policy for destroying only Gazankulu Homelands.



The GLC secretary, Gift Maswanganyi said that ANC policy destroyed University of Gazankulu, Giyani College, Giyani Airport, Tivumbeni College, Banana Farm in 14A, our Farm that produced cars’ seats, Giyani old parliament building, Hoxani College, Xingwedzi College, Lemana College, Tsonga and  Shangaan Unity.

“Their policy robbed us of Giyani Nursing College, Giyani Technical College.

“Youth Center Thomo village, Man’ombe Game Reserve, Giyani Golf Course have been destroyed as well. Their policy neglected Hudson Ntsan’wisi Dam and render it to be a mud dam.

“They changed Giyani town to be Indian center. ANC destroyed ka’Mtariyane, Godide malamuleni, Mhala show ground.

“ANC policy took our Radio away from us and rip us off our tax. ANC policy gave our parents the platform to be powerful fools.

ANC policy denies ID’s to our people in 14c because they originates from Mozambique but give the Guptas of yesterday citizenship ID’s.

“ANC policy gave us [Tsonga] Ngi ngu nyani/

Nghunghunyani a Zulu ancestor and forced us to warship him, a monetized statue in Giyani where every event is dominated by Zulu language.

“ANC policy denies Tsonga history, it impose and force us [Tsongas] to admit that our existence began after 1800 instead of AD.

“We are the first people to be labeled as baboons in a national TV under the ANC democracy.

We have a duty, all of us must make sure that this apartheid copy called ANC is dead in 2019”. Concluded Maswanganyi.

Meanwhile, Nkuri born musician, Eric Nkovani, well-known as Papa Penny Ahee in preparation of the ANC 9th Provincial Conference which was held on the 22 to 24 June in Polokwane, he accused the newly elected Chairperson, Chupu Mathabatha for destroying Giyani and looking down at Xitsonga speaking people.

Nkovani who is the ward councilor in Giyani lost the Provincial Chairperson race at the ANC 9th Provincial Conference.

Nkovani was in recent weeks quoted as saying- “In his executive there’s none Xitsonga speaking MEC. Since he was installed as a chairperson of the ANC, he sows division within the people of Limpopo.

There’s Vatsonga, Vhavenda and Bapedi in the province today. Tribalism exits within the ranks in his leadership.

“24 years into democracy, our Uni Gaza college and the parliament were vandalised. Our hospital, Nkhensani isn’t in good condition.

Today the patients prefer hospitals in Venda and Tzaneen because of how this man (Mathabatha) reduced our hospital to.” claimed Papa Penny.

“It’s not all about us (Vatsonga) but this province should be united. The time is now to have a premier who isn’t Sepedi speaking person. It can be Tshivenda speaking person, but not Sepedi speaking person after 24 years of democracy”.

Nkovani says he is tired of living in an area split by inequality and tribalism”. Concluded Nkovani.

Edited by Owen Mafukele 

Pastor’s girlfriend raped 


Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- The South African Police Service in Limpopo express complete disapproval of the continuing tendency of couples who are still going to secluded areas of intimacy which continue to put their lives at risk.

This comes after an incident where a man and his girlfriend were attacked by unknown armed men in the bushes near Rhobeni village outside Tzaneen town.



It is alleged that a local Church Pastor aged 29 and his 24 year old girlfriend were inside the car parked at a local soccer field during the night, when two men armed with a firearm and an axe attacked them.

Police spokesperson, L.T. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe says the suspects robbed the man two cellphones and took turns in raping the woman.

“The two suspects drove with the woman leaving the man behind and later dumped her at a bridge between Rhikhotso and Xihoko village, and they disappeared with the victim’s car. 

She was later rescued by the Police and taken to hospital for medical treatment.

“The identity of the suspects is unknown and they’re still at large with no arrest made yet, but the manhunt by the Police in search of the assailants unfolds.

“The victim’s green two door sedan Corsa Lite with registration numbers BNN 066 L, which according to police investigations took the direction of Nwamitwa village after the terrible ordeal, is still missing.

“Police cordially urge members of the community to stop going to unsafe remote places for entertainment with their partners to avoid and prevent incidents of this nature from occurring.

“Anyone with information that can assist in tracing the suspects or have seen the vehicle, may contact Detective Sergeant Hlungwani at 073 594 1838”. Concluded Ngoepe.

Edited by Owen Mafukele

Khakhala-Hlomela Task Team brought Giyani town to a standstill 




One of the shops damaged by disgruntled residents.  Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- Thousands of people were left stranded in Giyani after residents from Khakhala, Gawula, Mahlathi, Ndidane and Hlomela  embarked  on a strike seeking government’s intervention due to the delay of the promised road D3810.



The strike broke out last Monday morning when disgruntled residents of the aforementioned villages brought Giyani town to a stand-still.

Last Wednesday afternoon, a significant number of shops were damaged in Giyani town by the disgruntled residents of local communities who descended into town to make their grievances heard.

Police said, the disgruntled residents barricaded the R81 road on Wednesday with sand, and, upon arrival of the Police, the sand was removed and the road was cleared of any rubbles used.

“Afterwards, the same community members barricaded another road between Giyani and Thomo, but the situation remains unstable as the number of The Public Order Police Unit were being deployed in the area.” Said L.T. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

According to the previous communication between the provincial government and the task team, a contractor should have been brought to the site to start working.

The ongoing strike has affected the operation of roads, government institutions and the provision of water to the Communities in the outskirts of Greater Giyani and Giyani Town at large that relies mainly on the Nsami plant for water provision.

“At least 12 suspects were arrested for public violence and malicious damage to property which occurred during the violent protest actions that erupted in the area,  manifestly displayed by members of the community from villages that include Khakhala, Gawula, Mahlathi and Hlomela.

“07 of the arrested suspects have briefly appeared before the Giyani Magistrate’s Court. They were all released on warning and their cases were postponed to the 06th of August 2018 for further Police investigations.

“They were identified as follows:

Gift Kubayi  (22) a 18 year old teenager, Wisdom Nkuna aged (23), Bamuza Chauke (34), Mabuza Chauke (32), Stranger Baloyi (34), and Mheho Makhubele (23).

“The remaining​ 5 suspects will  appear before the same court soon”. Concluded Ngoepe 

The Task Team Spokesperson, Hill Nkuna says the strike will go on until their demands are met.

Edited by Owen Mafukele