67 minutes of Nelson Mandela

Writes Owen Mafukele, a freelance Journalist, Creative writer and Political commentator.

Does the hullabaloo and brouhaha that surrounds Nelson Mandela day serves it’s purpose or is just used as some concocted money making quick scheme…

After I have carefully followed the events aimed at celebrating the world renowned icon Nelson Mandela, a thought continued to linger at the back of my mind questioning the bigger picture of the programs set up by Nelson Mandela foundation and those that they’re in conjunction with.

Allow me not to beat around the bush and inadvertently avoid sugar coating my dismay in this regard.

Our government seems to have put all the stops in a bid to see to it that the event becomes a success.

However, the same vigour and determination is manifestly not depicted when it ought to benefit all and sundry, mainly like it is when its  aim is to benefit a select few individuals.

I wonder how much of a fortune did former USA presiI dent Barrack Obama made after the gig.

It seriously boggles the mind seeing how other role players in the struggle for the liberation of our country, have somewhat became bench warmers and got relegated to the wilderness of history repositories.

As a lad who was born and bred some donkey years ago in a remote rural village of Nkuri-Tomu in the outskirts of Giyani.

Although this lowly newspaper man was still wet behind his ears then, and did not play a significant role in fighting for what was rightfully ours, but followed the unrest in those rural parts of Limpopo with keen interest.

I was quite fortunate enough to witness those who grew before me take to the street and show their dissatisfaction and disdain with the manner in which apartheid government’s rule and devide strategy impacted on our daily lives.

The late July Mawewe whom the ward that I am coming from has been named after, was incarcerated and spent the better part of his life languishing in a jail cell together with Nelson Mandela in Robben Island.

Nothing is said about the struggle icon, or it’s surely done deliberately so by design to omit his name from the history books of those who played a pivotal role in helping usher in the freedom that everyone is enjoying the fruits of.

Could it be a case of animal farm scenario where some pigs were more equal than others. Time and tide wait for no man, but I would like to believe that it will definitely tell in this regard.

NGOMA… a sacred passage to adulthood



Writes Owen Mafukele, a freelance Journalist, Creative writer and Political commentator.

Maybe or  maybe just I should make it clear before hand that I am no cultural expert, nor a traditionalist just an opinionated lad. However, I have long felt the need to vent my frustrations with the manner in which some cultures chose to practice the ritual.
Initiation School. Is it still relevant, though?
Since time immemorial, undergoing the custom of circumcision was a practice that was used to symbolise a stage where young boys would graduate into adulthood.
It used to serve the purpose then, something that I am not a good position to vouch for now.
“Fexeni ya madzahelo yi fika yi tlhela yi hundza, kasi loko ku ri xigubu na xona xi cina xi huma ku nghena xinwana”.
At least I have indicated from the onset that this is not about me and my lousy feeling, albeit it abrasive, I thought I should get that one dealt with first before some opt to call me a clever black who’s fraught with rowdy propensity of a rebell with a cause to our cultural practice.
My first born son, who is eleven years old underwent circumcision at the age of ten, although I did not grant the permission for him to go, he went anyway and come back in one piece.
In most rural parts of Limpopo,  especially in areas around Giyani, Hlanganani and Malamulele, there were no known reports of incidents in some of the initiation schools, unless only if it did but never saw the light of day …
As I have already said, it’s not about me but still I don’t buy into the barbaric idea and continued practices. Young adults have been left scarred for life, where many had been left with stumps and some have penis amputated in the name of custom and cultural practice.
Who’s custom and cultural practices is it anyway?
The government has let down many a soul, mainly those who are in areas where this kind of practices is held in high regard. Children lose innocent lives in the name of customs, and veil of secrecy surrounding it. Attempting to ventilate on the issue is perceived a taboo.
Times has evolved, and so should be the way we think and do things as a people.
A significant number of initiates have lost their lives under the guise of a ritual that bears the signs of being the benchmark of those who are the masters of backward thinking.


Vatsonga rue the day they rebelled against Ntsan’wisi!

Gazankulu Chief Minister, Hon. Hudson Ntsan’wisi. Photo supplied.  

Writes Blessing Mabunda

Journalist, Publisher, Community Activist & Entrepreneur

With the number of years in the field of Journalism under my belt, I have learned a lot about ANC Politics and the shenanigans that symbolises it.

In the recently passed weeks Papa Penny Eric Nkovani was criticized for speaking out against tribalism and lack of equal representation in Limpopo Province based on the demographics of the spoken 

Papa Penny’s strong personality,  and someone who does not suffer from macaroni backbone disease is what we all need in Giyani. He might be a political ineptitude, but his courage is all what we need.

We need someone who can speak decisively with an unflinching voice even when those you purport to be speaking on their behalf turn their backs against you. Tribalism and inequality have become our daily bread in the province and it’s visible to all and sundry.



I have learned that before the so-called liberation of South Africa, under the apartheid regime, we were divided into Homelands, and Gazankulu was one of the Homelands which it’s Chief Minister, Hon. Hudson Ntsan’wisi worked tirelessly to uplift the lives of citizens.

But because of people who  thought through their stomach, (Politics of stomach) and could not think clearly, Ntswan’wisi was accused of corruption and Gazankulu residents rebelled against his leadership hoping that the idea of a better life for all sold by the ANC to our people would be tantamount to a land of milk and honey.

Today, our parents constantly say to those who care to hear that, Ntsan’wisi was the best and we shouldn’t have rebelled against him.

If, our parents understood the mess they’ve drawn and embroiled the entire Xitsonga Speaking communities in, all that’s needed to be done should be to clean up the mess in the upcoming 2019 general elections.

Giyani is only a town that its existence lies on a Google map, albeit in reality its a township, we surely need to connect the dots.

I don’t know what to show to my son, what the ANC have done for the people of Giyani rather than destroying the least that Ntsan’wisi had built for his people during his tenure at the helm of Gazankulu Homeland.

Then, Gazankulu had a University of Gazankulu, Giyani College, Giyani Airport, Tivumbeni College, Banana Farm in 14A, Hoxani College, Xingwedzi College, Lemana College, Tsonga and Shangaan Unity, although the latter remains a sensitive issue to delve upon, but could be a different topical issue on its own another day.

Back on the issue that brought us here. We now have Letaba College Campus in Giyani awkward and weird as it may sound, whilst we have our own colleges and university structures that has become white elephants out of neglect.

Giyani Nursing College Campus has become a campus of Limpopo Nursing College that majority of students who are coming far from Giyani hone their nursing skills in.

Giyani Technical College has been turned into something else, with Letaba name being imposed on us Vatsonga as if we don’t have our own names to be proud of.

I’m proud to say without any equivocation that, if we had the least of what Ntsan’wisi built for Gazankulu kept well like other Homelands where the former republic of Venda comes to mind in this instance, where ANC didn’t destroy any of their fortunes, but went out of their way to keep it intact, Giyani would be a great town too at this day and age.

ANC must restore all education facilities, and reopen all Closed Gold mines. Town Planning and Re Zoning of Giyani, Business Funding of SMME’s, Indigenous Economic Reform, Prof HWE Ntsanwisi Celebration, J.  Statue of Adolf Mhinga, IK Nxumalo and Prof HWE Ntsanwisi

K.  Free Education, the rail Way line from Louis Tritchardt to Giyani and  Malamulele, then proceed to Thohoyandou. A Military Base must be built in Malamulele and make Kruger National Park easily accessible to aid build our local economy.


Editor’s note: It’s not a case of us comparing Apples and Bananas because they’re fruits. ANC government must take our people seriously and stop treating them like outcasts who suffers from leprosy. Their propensity to think of our people when it is election time must come to an end. Vatsonga speaking communities ain’t voting cattle.


When chickens come back home to roost


Former MEC of Sport, Arts and Culture in Limpopo, Onica Moloi. Photo supplied.  

Writes Owen Mafukele, a freelance Journalist, Creative writer and Political commentator.

Perhaps one should start from the beginning and delve a little deeper into the political shenanigans scratch the surface in a conspiracy theory that might have led to the ignominious exit of the MEC, and why…? Onica Moloi opted to throw her political tantrums on a Facebook post than following protocol and inner processes to help remedy the conundrum, taking into cognisance of the status quo in ANC Limpopo’s elective shindig outcome.

The sudden departure from office by the erstwhile MEC of Sport, Arts and Culture in Limpopo was long coming and her fall from grace left many grasping for air in disbelief of what had precisely transpired.



 Moloi’s apparent reported resignation on a Facebook post was surely exacerbated by the political environment that became toxic and led to a fallout within the party structures. Her manner of venting frustrations into the kind of treatment she was subjected to by the once glorious movement that she is a proud member, does manifestly show that there’s more to this than meet the eyes and that in itself was a stroke that broke a camel’s back…

Nevertheless, ANC comrades at provincial level have questioned her identity and the numbers she had in her constituency and she belonged to any. It remains one burning issue which might have led to her being omitted as a PEC member in the recent concluded Limpopo elective conference, where the incumbent premier of the province, Stanley Chupu Mathabatha was re-elected unopposed to the Chairmanship position. 

It seriously boggles the tiny brain in me, while attempting to comprehend the rational behind the brouhaha that emanated following a Facebook post since the impasse made news headlines, whence many knew the reason about the resurgence of the tribalism question and it’s prevalence thereof in Limpopo that came to the fore when the well-known Tsonga musician Eric Nkovani who’s commonly known as Penny Penny shone a spotlight to its existence within the corridors of Mohlala House in Polokwane where ANC in the province is based. 

Maybe her mistake was to look the gift horse in the mouth. “ANC deploys comrades to the leadership position, and her MEC position given to her by the movement but not from her family home”… just to quote Kenny Mathiva verbatim who is the spokesperson of the premier’s office. 

Penny Penny was called a populist when he challenged Stanley Mathabatha with his campaign trail mostly driven around tribalism in the province of which is genuine and remains the elephant in the room hitherto, due to that many are reluctant to hold the ram by the horns.

Prior to the election conference, dissenting voices against Onica Moloi’s credibility and her continued stay at the upper echelons of ANC Limpopo started circulating and doing the rounds in a bid to sideline her, particularly from her detractors who took aim with her roots politically in the province.




Writes Brianic Makamu

Im writing this letter to you the management team without fear or favour but Vatsonga i nkarhi mi tiva ntiyiso . Why miteka studio xa hina Machangana miya veka Polokwane kule na hina vinyi va xona, Polokwane represent Mapedi 98% hi vona 2% i Vatsonga. Capricorn FM yile Polokwane kaya ra Mapedi , va akelana va FM swava olovela ku vhekela xitici loko kuri naswa koka. Hina Machangana ha tsandzeka hiku mi teke studio miya veka 190 KM away from us. Mara miri hi xitici xa hina.

Loko swita eka ku kurisa vunanga bya Xigaza ma tsandzeka . Eka Music wa Xitsonga hina Gospel ya Xitsonga, House ya Xitsonga, classic ya Xitsonga , Hip Hop na R$B ya Xitsonga. Mara eka MLFM utatwa vo Casper Nyovest , Kwetsa ,KEKE , Distruction Boys natale America eka Mbilu yanga .
Loko wo pfulela ti SABC Radio station tinwani eg Lesedi fM , Metro FM and Thobela Fm ro pela kunene vanga tlangangi ghoma ta hina Matsonga eg ya Thomas Chauke loyi anga duma eka Machangana , vona va promote music wa tribe ya vona. Last eka Festival Award yale Giyani Stadium mivitane vo Vusi Mahlasela, Ringo , Mr Bow nava Xidimigwane vata teka ti Award leti atifa mi nyike ti living Legend ta Matsonga . Mara anise tshama nitwa Metro kumbe lesedi va vitana DR thomas chauke vanwi nika Award .MlFM pfulekani Mahlo mi kurisa Ndhavuko wa hina Matsonga .

2014 joe Shirimani ube Hit South Africa hikwayo yi ninginika ateka Award eka SATMA mara switsandze na ti Radio station tinwani va tsema lembe hi yena . Mara n’wina eka MLFM mi busy nati ghoma ta Ma-Zulu for ku tsema lembe tiri kona ti hit ta Xigaza . Kuna ghoma yin’wani ya the late Teddy Pendegrass yiri baby last night you sleep through your finger .ya rhuketela mara miyi tlanga now and then natavo the late berrey white ta tlangiwa mara u lovini.hirini minga tlangi the late Richard Maceke, Edward Mabasa ,Patric nkuna na Matshwa bemuda ???

Loko Artist ami nika Album ya 12 tracks miya tlanga one track kuze kuse .mijaheli ku tlanga tava Casper Nyovest , kwesta nava Dr Malinga. Ti unknown artist loko va submit ti single miri swilava uri eka high Rotation hikona ungata tlangiwa Moyeni. Why ?? Miva mi jaheli kutlanga Midzhumbha ya Africa na show vhele yikona hi Saturday hambi Africa vana yona show ya hina Machangana.

Eka MLFM lexi mixi kotaku ngopfu mihi hlayaku tiko na tiko from Tzn to Matiyane hileka Switiviso swa Mafu kwalano mikhoma namba one hi laha niswi vonaku leswaku i radio ya hina mara Music ma ala mi promote ma zulu na mapedi. Eka MLFM vataku byela hi history yavoo OBAMA vo Mike Tyson , why vanga hi byeli hi hosi ya Matsonga vo late Tsanwisi navo Phepu vale limpopo .

Loko wo yingisa kahle 326twhii vana 3 hours moyeni mara nkarhi wavayengiseri vana 20 minutes nkarhi lowunwani iku Vulavula no tlangisa vo kwetsa, berrywhite, Casper Nyovest, na zahara ntsena na House ya ma-Zulu lawa yahi rhuketelaku everyday la joni hina Machangan. Napundo i Ngingirikani uta rhumela Email eka Nyango khensani anga swikoti no hlaya mara ule moyeni ti birthaday wishes vata navelela R kelly navo Rihaana ivi vaku byela ku share siku na Dobby grey na Billy clinton why vangaku u share Siku na George Maluleke navo GT Chauke vo Tsanwisi lava. Ti post kasi ti huma njhani eka MLFM .

Loyi anga email ya station manager nayi kombela nitava bela huhwa.