Week 13 with Prophet Isaiah Mutsvangi of Life Cathedral International.

Week: 13- 26- 01 April

A miracle, derived from Hebrew it means ‘The Act Of God’. Which means wherever you see a miracle, it’s a confirmation of God at work.

But now, if I ask you that have you seen God you will stammer because all you see when miracles are happening is the man of God laying hands.

Jesus said to the disciples in Mark 16, that Go And Preach The Gospel And I Shall Be With You Confirming The Gospel With Signs And Wonders.

So Jesus is telling us that, if we want to see Him(God) at work, there has to be a man of God preaching the gospel. Which means where there are no miracles there is no gospel being preached there even if the preaching is happening.

So it’s possible to preach and what you preach will not be the gospel, because anyone with good vocabulary can knit words and make a sermon but Jesus is speaking of the Gospel not sermons.

So when a miracle happens, it’s a combination of the Gospel preached and God confirms it with Signs and Wonders.

Our ministry (Life Cathedral International) we have seen a lot of people receiving tailor made solutions, from employment, marriage, promotions, contracts signed, healings even to the resurrection of the dead.

There is no case that has been presented that God failed to deal with, be it HIV is it Cancer Court Cases whatever it is.

You might have tried a lot of things and still there is no solution coming through. Try our God and let’s see if you will fail to testify

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Remember It Is Gods Will For You To Prosper In Every Way And Be In Good Health.

[Week 12]
Our God Is An Instant God, He Acts Immediately.

Something always thrilled me every time I could read the word of God and see God intervening in earthly affairs

Noting that every time when God said it was because something was not in place that needed to be put in place.

It showed me the heart and the passion of God for perfection.

So if God could be concerned about the earth, what about a man whose spirit is in him. How much more would he yearn to correct things?

So means God as we speak, not tommorow, but as you are reading this, this very moment, this very second, he wants to fix your life. Right now.

Gone are the days we wait for miracles to happen, Scripture says by the spirit of God we were given the gift to “WORK OUT MIRACLES” not to wait for miracles.

If you have been praying and waiting for God to touch your life, wait no more, this is the right minute and second

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Our God Is An Instant God, He Acts Immediately.