Limpopo SAPS Sports Day

By Nkuriso Maluleke

Polokwane- Members of the South African Police Service (SAPS)  in Limpopo will have their annual event that has been dedicated to the members in the province to participate in various sporting codes.

The provincial commissioner of the SAPS in Limpopo lieutenant general Nneke Ledwaba, accompanied by the deputy provincial commissioners, the provincial heads, the cluster commanders, station commanders, members and personnel from of all levels of command throughout the province, will be participating on different sporting codes during the event.

The event will commence with a 5 Kilometre walk, followed by the following sporting codes:

road cycling/mountain bike, netball, soccer, volleyball, tug of war, rugby, chess, tennis, morabaraba, kgati, ndode, fresh water bank angling, golf and the cooking competition.

The event will be held this coming Saturday, at 06:00 to 15:30 in Seshego stadium in the outskirts of Polokwane.

Mpumalanga and Gauteng participants gears up for Shikhumba 4 in 1 marathon

Pic supplied.

By: Nkuriso Maluleke

Giyani- In 3 days, the soon to be held Shikhumba Marathon, with at least 20 soccer teams standing to benefit greatly from the event. The event has been scheduled to take place on the 6th of October 2018.

At least 20 pair of soccer poles will be donated to local soccer teams.

Founder and organiser, Amos Sambo told the only Informer in town, that this year’s event will have participants to prepare for the upcoming Comrade Marathon.

“This year, we will have 5 kilometres, 10 kilometres, 21.1 kilometres and 42.2 kilometres as the preparation of the participants to take part in the upcoming Comrade Marathon.

“Since 2015, participants have encouraged us to add 42.2 race in order to prepare them for the Comrade Marathon.

“It’s in our best interest to grow the Shikhumba Marathon to match your Comrade Marathon, and through the support we are getting from Xikhumba filling station this hectic job looks easier.

“This year’s event requires more than R350 000. 00 budget, which isn’t that easy for our sponsors to raise such amount.

“For the past years, Genesis Emergency Services, Paradise Film, Dr Mbombi and Xikhumba filling station have been our strong hold to have a successful event”.

“So far things are going well and people from Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are registering. I believe our race this year will be better than 4 years ago.

“As you know Shikhumba marathon is a charity event, and we don’t have any source of income, but we are just depending on the sponsors. Now we have only one sponsor and other individuals who are assisting us to make sure that our race becomes a success.

“Our race is scheduled to start at different times; 42.2km will start at 6h00, 21.1km, 10km start at 7h00 and 5km will start after 30 minutes.

“Many athletes have shown interest to participate in this race, even top runners like Mamabolo Ludwick the winner of Comrades marathon 2012, Rufus Photo, who is comrades multiple Gold medallist, Collen Mulaudzi who is a top runner and many more.

“Also, many VIPs confirmed and promised to attend our race even MECs. Shikhumba marathon is too much different from other races, because for us is about giving back to the community and youth development that is why we are going to give 20 teams soccer poles and 1 ball each team and Sanitary towels to various schools.

“Our athletes are going to enjoy during the race. We have organized a lot for them. Let us make it fun race.” Concluded Sambo.

A soccer shindig in honour of the late Zacky “Dolezar” Baloyi, legend of the game

The late Zacky Baloyi.  Image supplied.

By Owen Mafukele

Giyani- On Saturday, the 8th of September, all ardent fanatics roads will lead to Nkuri Eleven Experience sport grounds at Sifasonke in the outskirts of Giyani town.

Nkuri United from Zamani, Fastmove and Eleven Experience both from Sifasonke, and Nkuri-(Tomu) are poised to lock horns in a knockout tournament in honour of the late Zacky Baloyi.

A student of the game who executed his responsibilities in the touchline of a soccer match with great aplomb.

Giyani View was informed that the late Zacky Baloyi’s family from Sifasonke village, conceived an idea to put together a soccer tournament to help preserve his legacy.

A coach who through his vast soccer knowledge, managed to guide Eleven Experience to gain promotion with a team comprised of lads from rural areas into the then Vodacom  league.

His soccer knowledge came second best to none. A student of the beautiful game who made chasing of a pigskin more pleasurable.

“Dolezar” as he was fondly known to his adoring soccer fans during his hay days, was a mobile football repository.

Witty Baloyi, a family representative took the only informer in town in his confidence, and outlined the reasons why they decided to host a four team soccer knockout tournament;

“We saw it as a perfect opportunity to start this soccer tournament in honour of our brother, since he was well-known for his undying love for the soccer game.

“It’s everyone’s elephant, and I am ecstastic knowing that the legacy that our brother Zacky “Dolezar” left us with, is to sustain the love of sport, and his unparalleled knowledge of the game and ultimately love of soccer to be precise”, said Witty.

We have seen him produce the likes of December Ngobeni, Jack Mkhari (Swallows) player to mention but just a few…

He once had a stint as a coach at Wilson Express, another football outfit that has made strides in the Vodacom league under his tutelage.

He competed with the likes of Colly Chauke (the current soccer analyst at Munghana lonene FM) which we have seen it to be befitting tribute and a remarkable feat for us to celebrate cognisance of his contribution” Witty further alluded.

Furthermore, Zacky aka “Dolezar” Baloyi once worked with Reggy Baisikop Makamu the incumbent MEC of Agriculture in Limpopo who also use to own a soccer team then, Nkuri Fastmove.

The soccer game kick-off at 09:00am in the morning.

Shikhumba 4 in 1 Marathon to prepare participants for the upcoming comrade marathon

Photo supplied.

By: Nkuriso Maluleke

Giyani- In the soon to be held Shikhumba Marathon, at least 20 soccer teams will benefit from the event that has been scheduled to take place on the 6th of October 2018.

At least 20 pair of soccer poles will be donated to local soccer teams.

Founder and organiser, Amos Sambo told the only Informer in town that this year’s event will have participants to prepare for the upcoming Comrade Marathon.

“This year, we will have 5 kilometres, 10 kilometres, 21.1 kilometres and 42.2 kilometres as the preparation of the participants to take part in the upcoming Comrade Marathon.

“Since 2015, participants​ have encouraged us to add 42.2 race in order to prepare them for Comrade Marathon.

“It’s in our interest to grow the Xikhumba Marathon to match your Comrade Marathon and through the support we are getting from Shikhumba filling station this hectic job looks easier.

“This year’s event requires more than R350 000. 00 budget, which isn’t that easy for our sponsors to raise such amount.

“Our sponsors this year are Dr Mbombi, Shikhumba Filling Station, Genesis Emergency Management Services, Nkwangulatilo Education Centre, Destiny Training Centre at Tzaneen, Gijas Home Improvement Centre and Mashamba County House”, concludes Sambo.

This year’s event will have Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) as one of the sponsors.

To participate in the Shikhumba Marathon call Kenneth Amos on 072 731 6225 or Jeff on 083 208 4118.

Gazamed annual 3 in 1 Marathon a success!

Photo supplied.

By Nkuriso Maluleke

Giyani- Gazamed Link Pharmacy working in-cojuction with Giyani Gallopers Athletics Club held the annual 3 in one marathon which took place at Giyani stadium recently.

The marathon has been categorised in 3 phases; 5 Kilometres, 10 Kilometres and 21.1 Kilometres.



Thandeka Dlamini, COO of Rex Dlamini Incorporated says Gazamed Link Pharmacy is one of their seven pharmacies at Rex Dlamini Incorporated. It opened in the early 90’s, while their first pharmacy opened in 1986. The annual marathon started in 2011.

Winners were awarded prize money and medals in their respective categories.

All runners received medals for completing their respective races. They also received hampers and goodie bags.

“Our sponsors this year were Link, Mopani Spar, Sign A Print, May Journey Enterprise, Mediprint, Centapos, Build It, Intermed, Letaba River Lodge, Molateng Trading. We are looking forward to a even bigger race next year, we are looking forward to new sponsorships”. Added Dlamini

“The idea behind the marathon is to uplift our community and most importantly to raise health awareness, as we believe that our health is our wealth”, concluded Dlamini.

The prize giving ceremony was done by UPD executive, Mayors Office, Giyani Gallopers and Mr Rex Dlamini.


Ndengeza FC Boss in scarfs over players with Sundani Sport Group Boss!

Akani Siweya 20180726_205018
Ndengeza FC Boss, Akani Siweya.  Photo supplied.

By Nkuriso Maluleke

Giyani- Ndengeza FC Boss, Akani Siweya who recently lodged an appeal with South African Football Association (SAFA) following their recent permanent ban from all football activities, after he allegedly assaulted match commissioner Joel Baloyi and assistance referee, Israel Rikhotso, after Ndengeza FC lost 4-3 to Mighty FC on January 20 at the Old Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane- attracts more troubles.

Giyani View has been reliably informed that Siweya sent Sundani Sport Group boss, Yohanna Mathebula WhatsApp messages threatening to do him things that he (Mathebula) wouldn’t forget.

According to our source the spat between Siweya and Mathebula got triggered when Mathebula contacted Ndengeza FC management over his clients, Muxe Chabalala and Edry Mathebula which the club used their services without a contract…

“At the time, the ABC Motsepe league side, Ndengeza FC used the duo when playing for Vodacom side, Wilson FC without contracts.

“Mathebula, when he contacted Ndengeza FC management he asked them if they’re having an interest in the boys, and later Siweya contacted Mathebula and was keen to sign the duo.

“Mathebula then told Siweya that the duo should ask for their clearance from Wilson FC, as he (Mathebula) isn’t eligible to do that on behalf of his clients due to the animosity that exist between him and Wilson FC management.

“Siweya contacted Wilson FC to inquire more about the playing duo, and he was told that Mathebula has been in the business of snatching players from the club, and the deal could be successfully if Siweya may leave Mathebula out of the deal.

“Both teams, Ndengeza FC and Wilson FC then had a deal and Mathebula was sidelined in the process. The duo started training with Ndengeza FC,” alleged our source.

Giyani View contacted Mathebula for comment, who confirmed to the only Informer in town that, he has received WhatsApp texts from Siweya threatening him.

“After, I learned that my clients have left Wilson FC to Ndengeza FC, that’s when Siweya called in to tell me that I should fix whatever issues I have with Wilson FC.

“Muxe was spotted by the First National Division (NFD) side, University of Pretoria during the mayor’s cup, and I have been contacted by the club for a deal. As I was preparing to finalize the deal, one morning I was astonished that the club has released my client.

“I contacted the club to find out what could be the problem, and I was told that Siweya contacted Amatuks and accused them of snatching his contracted player.

“Siweya wanted Muxe to come back and play in the Limpopo Top four Tournament which took place at Giyani stadium recently, and I have advised my client that he should concentrate on playing in the NFD not in the ABC Motsepe league”, concluded Mathebula.

Siweya wasn’t immediately reached for a comment before going to print.



By Owen Mafukele

Owen Mafukele is a Freelance Journalist and Creative writer. Political commentator and a soccer Aficionado.

In anticipation of the world cup kick-off in Russia, this lowly newspaper man was once found stuck with a group of old buddies who has made quenching their thirst with the home made sorghum beer (Umqomboti) a palatable indulgence.

Little did I know that such an exercise which many would chose to call it futile and a waste of space could take us through the night, while those who seemingly enjoyed their traditional beer took turns to gulp and indulge in it.

Out of curiosity, one drinking partner who was also part of the group, saw the old lady ‘Mhani Nwa-Mafemani’ showing some signs of tiredness and she could be seen slumbering from a distance.

It was already passed her bedtime and she couldn’t leave my fellow village boys behind drinking before she packs for bed.

A concerned soul from one of the drinkers asked her in a scornful voice; as, to why was she not going to bed since the signs were there for all to see that she was pushing herself to remain awake even though it was way past her bedtime.

The old woman responded instantly, which then left me gobsmacked. “I am waiting for you boys to finish drinking umnqomboti, because the bucket that contains your traditional beer is my chamber at night”…

On  Saturday, July the 7th, Russia whom many of their star players ply their trade in Russia for teams like Spatak Moscow and Rubin Kazan locked horns with the star studded team Croatians led by Luka Modric who has made a name for himself playing for the Spanish giants Real Madrid.

As the hosts, Russia went into the match as underdogs. Many soccer fanatics did not give them a chance to perform and had written them to be a walk over for whomever was pitted with them in one group. However, it was not to be.

Russia came all the way into the last eight round of matches (Quarterfinals), where they somewhat proved their detractors otherwise by punching above their weights and took the game to extra-time and penalties, but lost the match through the spot kicks.

Maxangu ya ntlangu wa bolo ndza wa chava…

Russia threw everything to Croatia including the kitchen sink to force the match into extra-time and concluded the showpiece with the lottery of penalties.

The hosts played like a team possessed and did somehow manifest that a great deal of determination and discipline could go a long way to complement the lack of talent on a field of play.

Who would have thought that these bunch of Russians as hosts could stand their ground and play the game of football ready to die with their boots on, work their fingers to the bone, and presented a united front whilst they also had their  hearts rolled up their shirt sleeves.

Hard work does pay dividends and the Vladmir Putin’s nation held their own in front of the whole world tonight.

Congratulations are well in order to Croatia but Russia too deserves a pat on the back for giving you guys a run for your money.

Football at its utmost best is what we were subjected to and it’s all thanks to the host nation for their hospitable hospitality throughout the tournament.


BYF sporting codes a success!

From left,  Michael Ndlovu,  Samson Mthombeni and Cynthia Chauke in the lead.  Photo/ Blessing Mabunda. 

By Angie Nkuna

GIYANI- At least 59 participants took part in the first ever mini-marathon at Bambeni village, which was organized by Bambeni Youth Forum (BYF) last Friday, 27 April 2018.

Amongst the participants were senior citizens who came in numbers to be part of the historical event in Bambeni village, Ka- Dzumeri outside Giyani.

The 5 kilometres mini- marathon started at 6am from Madyisa cafe and proceeded to R529 route. At least 20 participants, which were categorised by their age groups, respectively from juniors to elderly people were amongst the participants.

Samson Mthombeni (32) led the race in all categories from the first minute until the end of the 5 kilometres mini- marathon. In second position Michael Ndlovu (29) had to push Floyd Gobela (18) into position 3, followed by Juniet Mchavi (18) and Thapelo Mokoena in positions  4 and 5 respectively.

Samson Mthombeni receiving his Gold medal.  Photo/ Apply Rakgwatla. 

The 22-year-old Cynthia Chauke maintained her lead in position 5 from the first minute of the race until at the end. Chauke is the winner in the woman/girls category.

Ward 19 Councillor, George Mthombeni (50) is the winner in the senior citizens age group category, followed by Mariah Gobela (50).

Meanwhile, in soccer, Bambeni FC Porto are the winners of the Top 4 Tournament after defeating Bambeni PSG 3- 2 on penalties. In ladies’ soccer, Bambeni PSG won 4- 3 on penalties defeating Bambeni All Stars.

In Netball, Bambeni Juniors were defeated 25- 13 by their counterpart from Gandlanani village. Bambeni Senior Blue Team won 27- 17 against their village counterpart, The Black team.

The chairperson of the Forum, former Mughana Lonene FM DJ, Junior Zitha, the Mystik Jae says the Freedom Day Fundraising Event was the beginning of everything in the village and good things are yet to come.

The Forum is currently working on June 16 Uprising Event.