Agrizzi causes big shock over minister Mokonyane’s Christmas list

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Former Bosasa employee, Angelo Agrizzi. Image supplied.

By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- South Africans from all walks of life were shook after former Bosasa employee ‘Angelo Agrizzi’ revealed the minister of environmental affairs, Nomvula Mokonyane’s Christmas list.

According to the confession made during the state capture commission of inquiry by Agrizzi, the minister received numerous gifts from Bosasa including a Louis Vuitton handbag with R300 000 stuffed in cold hard cash.

Agrizzi states that excluding the money, the minister received 120 cases of cold drinks, 4 cases of high-quality whiskey, 40 cases of mixed beer, 8 lambs, 12 cases of frozen chicken pieces, 200Kg of Beef, Premium brandy and specialty alcohol.

Although some people found the whole incident shocking, some also saw the humor in it by pinning Bosasa to be the Guptas just wearing a mask. One of the comments on Awake Mzansi read “Bosasa can you take off your mask now?!! We already know you are the Guptas.”

Another comment from Sthembiso Khanyase read “Ai khona, this is too much. Was she going to open a supermarket or what?!!!

The whole revelation itself manifestly revealed just how corrupt the ANC really has been over the years, with scandals from one to the other.

With the 2019 government elections coming up, this revelation might be bad for the ANC as people are losing hope on the party’s credibility and capability to lead the country.

“We elect hyenas to take care of goats and when goats go missing we wonder why?” a  picture with the quote from a man named prof Lumumba read in one of the posts made by Awake Mzansi.

The former president Jacob Zuma, made fun of the incident on a tweet that read “I warned you!!! You see now! Bathate Agrizzi hehehehe” after he warned ministers in parliament regarding the establishment of state capture commission of inquiry.

Black owned business helped to uplift the community

Hector Zitha.

By Accra Maweya

Giyani- Black owned business ‘Boza Shisanyama’, Hector Zitha has given the youth as well as upcoming artists a platform closer to home to express themselves and build their future. The restaurant is based in Malamulele next to Xingwedzi TVET college.

The aim for this restaurant was not to just make money, but to have a business, that can benefit the people from and around Malamulele.

With poverty being a challenge in most areas of Giyani, one has to use each opportunity to succeed.

Hector Zitha, knows this very well, being raised by a street vendor for a mother, he learnt the heart of the trade at a tender age.

Hector and his friend Bongani Chabalala started at the age of seven by becoming his mother’s carriers, they would carry the items that people bought from his mother and in return his mother would give each of the boys R2.50 to buy food.

His passion for working with people and his drive for business started in 2012, where he realized his dream of opening up a restaurant. He soon came across a challenge that has caused many entrepreneurs to give up, but Hector pushed on towards his goal.

“It was after I had worked in sales that I realized how good I am in business and there I realized that I wanted to own my own restaurant business. The only challenge I had back then was funding, I didn’t have money to fund the idea that I had.” Hector added.

He had a lot more to overcome before he could venture into business, he had to overcome his fear of failure and be bold enough to take the risk. Since there was no money at home to help with the funding he decided to sell off his house and cash in on his profit and funds at his previous job to raise funds for his business.

His future plans are to continue to create a platform where young people will be free to share their skills. “My future plan is to sustain as well as create a platform where young people can showcase their skills and art to close the gap between mainstream and modern.” Hector concluded.

Jazz icon Oliver Mtukudzi passes on due to ill health

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By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- The 66-year-old Jazz musician and music icon Oliver Mtukudzi has reportedly passed away in Zimbabwe due to health issues.

The musical sensation has been battling with ill health for over a month and lost the battle yesterday at Avenues Clinic in Harare.

Although the musician’s cause of death is not yet known, people all across South Africa are saddened by the passing of the artist. Some took to social media to show their respect and express their love for his music.

One post on Facebook from Zweli Nkosi reads “RIP Oliver Mtukudzi, what a day to leave us!! On the same day that bra Hugh left us.”

The death came as a huge blow to all South Africans as this was the day Bra Hugh passed away.

Xitsonga artist Joe Shirimani, took to social media as well to share his condolences and thank the musician for the great songs he produced during his time.

“RIP Oliver Mtukudzi, thank you for the wonderful music. Hi taku tsundzuka hi wona, va nwani vari aku ehli e linga ehlanga.”

Oliver Mtukudzi has written songs like Neria, Todii, Mutserendende and many more. He is survived by his children, Selmor Mtukudzi, Sandra Mtukudzi and his former wife Melody Murape.

#2008Vs2018 challenge…There’s never a dull moment with black Twitter

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By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- Social media has become so much interesting in the past few months, with these twitter streets remaining the undefeated hive of activity.

It all started from the “Kiki car challenge” where people had to jump out of a movie car and have someone else record them doing the challenge.

As if that was not enough, we welcomed the New Year with yet another challenge “the farebeat”, Man all over South Africa took pictures of themselves putting on a bit of makeup then picmixed it with that of a celebrity they look alike.

Just a few weeks since the New Year, another trend came along “the 2008-2018 10 years challenge” which requires people to post a picture of themselves captured 10 years ago and a current picture.

However, the only thing different posed by this challenge is that it has caused a lot of drama recently when local celebrities decided to join in the fun.

TV personality and talk-show host Khanyi Mbau and a few female celebrities found themselves the centre of attention for having allegedly bleached their skin.

On the pictures posted on twitter and Facebook, the celebrities had dark natural skin 10 years ago, but suddenly they are almost white in their current pictures.

DJ Zinhle came under fire after participating in the trend, she was criticized for how much her skin colour has changed over the years. A twitter user shared the post with the caption “Bleaching on steroids”.

Nevertheless, people took pleasure in sharing pictures of their childhood, and as things stand, another challenge called “ex vs current” could be next in line, and again South Africa will definitely not cease to amaze.

22-year-old Tiisetso Mosholi to launch first digital music competition

img-20190116-wa0005By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- South African based company Centre stage Media presents “The Search Africa” Africa’s first digital music competition to be launched simultaneously in Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

The competition is open to everyone and it is open to submissions from musicians of any genre and age.

To enter, people are required to submit a performance video that is three to eight minutes long. These videos reviewed by virtual judges from each different country, the best will be shortlisted and uploaded on social media for voting, accompanied by information on how to vote as well as a link.

Entry processes will be made easy and convenient as links as WhatsApp contacts will be shared on social media two weeks prior to the launch date. This will make it easier for contestants to enter on time.

The competition will consist of numerous rounds, public discussions as well as challenges that will keep online audiences engaged and excited, it will be an experience like no other from the comfort of your own home.

Audiences, contestants and interested sponsors can contact the competition on 0629925799 via WhatsApp.

Shikombiso Bila takes the fashion industry by storm as she pushes her crocheting business forward…

img-20190115-wa0015By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg-  A young dedicated women from Ngezimani village in Malamulele in Giyani, Shikombiso Bila (28) continues to take the fashion industry by storm as she pushes her crocheting business forward.

It was at the age of six when she discovered her passion for crocheting while she was still in primary school.

She decided to start her business “Maxelostyle” after she completed her internship in information technology, as she couldn’t get a permanent job.





“I have always had a passion for crocheting. I started by making a scarf for myself and posted it online and people loved it. After completing my internship in Information Technology, I couldn’t get a permanent job and that’s when I decided to give my crocheting business all my attention.” Shikombiso says.

Maxelostyle produces clothes made of wool and cotton for children and adults, she makes hats, jerseys, dresses, baby blankets and more. The challenges she faces from the business is from people who place orders and not pay for the items.

“I face the most challenges when customers place orders and not pay for them or expect my products to be cheaper, not considering the hard work required to finish an item.” she said.

As the business continues to expand, she has greater plans to hire someone to help her with the crocheting work to be able to balance her customer’s demands.

“Another challenge is that I work alone and often I have to work under pressure to complete urgent orders but I am planning on hiring at least two to three people.” she added.

RTMC causes social media controversy as it distances itself from the awareness campaign video

Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena. Image supplied.

By Accra Maweya

Johannesburg- Road Traffic Management Corporation’s (RTMC) tweets caused social media controversy as it distances itself from a video that is circulating since last week Thursday, which showed South African female rapper Moozli Mabena being involved in a horrific car accident.

RTMC distanced itself from the apparent awareness campaign by the rapper and VWSA last Friday morning saying that the Corporation has not commissioned any music artist or celebrity to do a road safety awareness or arrive alive campaign.

In a tweet TRMC said “The Road Traffic Management Corporation distances itself from the video that has been circulating on social media, purporting to be a road safety awareness campaign.”

It was after this tweet that much controversy aroused, some people felt it was unnecessary for TRMC to clear their name instead of taking the opportunity to emphasize on the issue of speeding.

“You are disappointing. This is the time for you to use this opportunity to emphasize on the issues surrounding road safety. You’re more concerned about clearing your name?” one of the tweets read.

“Whoa! Who said you did? Rubbish people missing the point. Anyone can do a road safety campaign and post it out there. You’re not the only entity out there who can help spread the message. We don’t need your commissioning!!!” another tweet read.

Although some people found the tweet unnecessary some stood in support of TRMC saying that the video did more harm than good.